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    - Review & Walkthrough -


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    Information and Review:

    What is Shift?
    Shift is a very fun and addicting Flash game developed by "Tony" from Armor Games. The basic goal of shift is to run jump and "SHIFT" your way through obstacles to reach the door to the next level.

    What makes SHIFT pretty unique is the "SHIFT" ability. There are two colors in this game. Black and White. One color is the background and one color is the playable area. However, when a player presses the [Shift] Key on his/her keyboard, the figure in the game inverts and now stands on the opposite color. You must keep "shifting" through the level to reach the end.

    Why Play Shift?
    I personally find SHIFT 1 & 2 to be one of the most flash games I've played. It is very unique and challenging. It requires strategy, speed, and some "temper control" :p. I suggest you play these games and try to earn all 7 Medals in SHIFT 2.

    SHIFT 1 was a pretty basic version of it's sequel. SHIFT 2 is much more challenging and incorporates new challenges such as the checkered tiles, rotation arrows and other annoying and horrible bundles of joy.

    Anyway, the game will explain itself in no time at all.
    If you haven't played SHIFT before I, for one, suggest you to play both, and two suggest you to play the first SHIFT game before you move onto the second. It helps. (The link to both games is near the top of the thread.

    Walkthrough and Secrets:

    Here is my walkthrough for SHIFT 2. This includes all of the levels and how to obtain the 7 SHIFT Medals. This has been broken down and hidden in Spoiler tags for those who wish to complete the game on their own.

    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10
    Level 11
    Level 12
    Level 13
    Level 14
    Level 15
    Regular Ending Level
    Alternate Ending Level

    Walkthrough - Medals:
    Beat the game and want more? Well heres the way to get some more challenge out of this great game. Collect 4 Medals to unlock a trailer for an upcoming flash game and 7 to play as the classic SHIFT character.

    "Beat the Game"
    "Joke's on Me"
    "Title Trasher"
    "Speed Runner"
    "Support the Developers"
    "Teh Trophy!"


    I have completed the game 100% through on my own. I typed this up just for this site and it is not from any other walkthrough you may find.

    Thats all of it. Post what you think about it or any of your achievements. If you need more than that for some bizarre reason, post your question or PM me. I hope you all enjoy this game. Please +rep if this walkthrough helped you or you find that you really enjoyed this game by finding it here. Thanks and good luck SHIFTing!

    There is one last thing to say and confuse you all with. (You will understand by achieving all medals and looking through the Secrets area)
    "The CC is a Lie!"

    Hehe... have fun with this guys.
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  2. Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator

    Nice guide, you helped me learn that the cc is a lie. :p

    Speed runner was pretty hard though.
  3. Jindo Self

    Played the first one a while ago, great game!
  4. 1)ark_Knight -- Not Very Active At This Time --

    * b u m p *

    In case theres more people who would like to see a walkthrough
    or have never played Shift 2.
  5. PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

    Played the first, kept crashing on my comp.

    But yes, I love this game. I might try out Shift 2. I saw it on Armorgames about 2-3 weeks ago. (I think)
  6. aquaview9ls Guest

    I dont understand how to get to the alternate ending, i dont know which room to do it in...
  7. Sintoras Shaaakaa!

    Great game. thought I heard of a similar idea around here once.
  8. Lord_Phoenix Dogs are fuzzy

    shift 3 is out!

    999th post!
  9. Jindo Self

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