So I wanna play D2 again...

Discussion in 'Diablo' started by EpicFlux, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. EpicFlux

    EpicFlux Active Member

    Diablo 2: LOD used to be my life. I loved it more then starcraft, but to be honest, ive gone through 2 phases of this game. The 2nd time was a few years back and I had tons of valuable runes, items, charms, completely decked out Maul Barb. But I forgot to login in 90 days and lost my shit. I was so mad I quit playing. But as ussual, Diablo has a way of... Drawing you in?

    So I was wondering, when I decide to play again, whats the best class to take up. I was thinking of going a paly but I don't know yet. Any advice on that? And will anyone help me out? This game is more fun to play with others then by yourself.
  2. Genkora

    Genkora Frog blast the vent core!

    Just don't make a sorceress, they seem to be the most common class right now. The ladder reset a few days ago, so it is a good time to start fresh.
  3. EpicFlux

    EpicFlux Active Member

    Yeah I was thinking Elemental Druid. Always seemed like a strong class to play with, and fun for that matter.
  4. BlowingKush

    BlowingKush I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.

    why do you guys continue to play a game that is hacked more than any blizzard game out?
  5. EpicFlux

    EpicFlux Active Member

    Who cares? Diablo 2 is still one of the most fun Blizzard titles out their. Not even kidding, I don't think it's the best blizz game out their but certainly brought the most fun. I miss those late night baal runs at 3:00 am, mountain dew in one hand, mouse in the other. Good times... Goooood timmmesss....
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  6. Catastrophic

    Catastrophic Guest

    I started playing again just recently for old times lol. fun to run through without rushing and all that. To do it solo or with 1 person and legit without high lvl help is actually fun :)
  7. ZeroPoints

    ZeroPoints New Member

    :( i havent been able to play diablo2 in ages due to my monitor :'( wish i could get back into playing it without high lvl hackers or anyone running you through :p

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