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Discussion in 'Members' Projects' started by jonadrian619, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-


    v1.5a released!!

    It's a more improved expansion version.
  2. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

    Make the hotkeys for the spells next to eachother.
    For example:
    Z, X, C, V. V is always the ultimate.

    I haven't played this yet, but if thi is a spell:
    E: Unit starts the effect of an ability
    C: Ability is Strategy
    A: Move Triggering unit (Instantly) to (Location of Triggering Unit)

    Fix the leak :)

    Anyway, I'll test this now.
  3. demotry241

    demotry241 Don't Ever Categorize Yourself.

    I don't like this idea, I prefer using a letter from a spell word, because..I like it : )

    and that is what custom keys are for. = )
  4. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

    Strategies have no leaks at all.

    I used another keyset for the strategies. Since strategies, when used, mass your units to the Center, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest or Southeast, the keyset should be QZEC and S. Q is Northwest;E is Northeast;Z is Southwest and C is Southeast. S is the Center, so it's like a pattern which is easier to recognize.

    Thx for testing!
  5. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

    I meant, Use that trigger I said to stop a unit playing an animation while casting the strategy spell.

    And the trigger I gave leaks. Not your one.
  6. waaaks!

    waaaks! Zinctified

    wheres the locked beta version?
  7. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

    Yes, I got your point now. But I have never done that before. The Art - Animation Name field of the Strategies have proven themselves useful, but somehow there is a delay after one of the strats have been used. The trigger you gave to me will help certainly, but the next official version will be released anytime within 1st week of October. That means any bug reports, imbalances and significant improvements like another expansion and a new Race, will be implemented on v1.6, the alpha version of the map.:)

    >wheres the locked beta version?
    At the thread itself, the map itself there:). I didn't indicate it as a beta version but surely it's not an alpha version because it's far from the latest planning for this map. v1.6 will be the alpha version since most of the important features have already been completed by its release.
  8. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

    thread revamped..

    For those who wish to playtest the map and send bug reports, PM me!
  9. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

    New version - v1.5c
    - This version fixes major bugs that mainly appear in the arenas, and more. The map is safe to play now, especially in multiplayer.
  10. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

    New version - v1.6
    - The first alpha version. Bugless. There are some imbalances though.

    Thread revamped as well.

    Hope you have fun!

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