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  • So uh, any further progress on this?

    If you need any more testers or anything, I'd be glad to help :p
    Oh my.

    Uther Party in SC2.

    I knew it would happen, but this soon is, well, AWESOME!

    But would it even still be called Uther Party?

    Also, what is the Assassin game? Is that the Warden game where you strike your foes from behind?
    I've started working on a port of Uther Party to SC2. So far, the underlying structure is already coded and there are 6 mini-games fully implemented.

    From Uther's, they are:
    Assassin (Dark Templar)
    Archer (Marauder)
    Salamander (Siege Tank)

    So far I'm very pleased with how these games have been deployed in the SC2 engine. At least, they perform very well with one player. :)

    I might need some help doing beta-testing and quality assurance if I'm unable to catch all of my team from WC3. Keep channels open.
    Due date, hm? ;)

    We're having issues pulling a group together to test it since most of the people we relied on are long gone.
    Are you guys any closer to release? ^_^
    Thanks for the +rep, but you really shouldn't be promoting a negative attitude. Besides, it's not my style. :p
    As soon as the QA and the Betatester are online at the same time, my guess. -shrug-
    Shouldn't be more than a week.
    Do you have an estimated release date, so I dont have to keep stalking your profile? =p
    Currently working on it. ;)

    We're adding a few new games before release which is what's delaying it so much.
    Hey, would you be able to fix Uther Party Ultima V for patch 1.24? I know lots of people would appreciate it. Thanks!
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