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  • do you still have the Soul Drain spell? My laptop got formatted, and I forgot to make a backup :C. Can you give it to me?
    It isn't useless. It might help him solve the single target true strike that he wanted. I was merely giving him a suggestion to solve his problems.
    aggg... i knew you respond like this. Look, I am not trying to attack you personally or argue or have any ill intent toward you in anyway. And I agree you're 100% right who am I to judge wether or not a comment is useful or useless? I'm in no position to. However it is clear that you are to be looked at as an authority on tfteditor not just some random scrub whos lost on the forum. That being said I admire each response you give that helps the thread starter in resolving thier problem, and I deemed anything other that as 'useless' because it negativly bumps my thread which I desperately need help with. Evidently I was out of line and I'm sorry, I never intended to 'shut you up' I just want to get help.


    is the an example of what I called 'useless'; I'm sure that on the contrary it was EXTREMELY helpful..
    malfy, this isn't your forum. I can post anything I want on the threads, as long as it is relevant to the topic. So what rights do you have to call it "useless comment"? You're not the only one who requires help either.
    think you could try to refrain from bumping several threads with useless responses? I understand that you are a very helpful person on these forums, but posting worthless replies makes it a lot harder for those of us who need help of getting it; because our threads are getting pushed under your useless comment.
    Well, you need the glaive model. Export it from the demo map and then import it into yours. Then change the model of the "Shadow Glaive" dummy to the glaive's model.
    Thanks for the spells Glenphir. It's awesome.

    One problem though. When I used the "Shadow Glaive" spell...there was no missile art. The damage and bleed effect were there, but not the glaive itself. It's like something invisible is killing the creeps.

    Don't get me wrong. The demo was really good. Everything worked fine.

    Did I do something wrong to not make the glaive show up?
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