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  • Go to the forum you wish to post a new thread in, and above the threads should be a "New Thread" button (to the right of them)

    Hope this helps!
    Did you make sure that there are no quotes? If you want to use the myUnit variable the custom script should look like this:
    • Custom script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(udg_myUnit, 0)

    If the variable is not a global variable then you do not need the udg_, but all GUI variables are global variables.

    This is what the SetUnitAnimationByIndex() function header looks like incase it helps you out:
    [ljass]native SetUnitAnimationByIndex takes unit whichUnit, integer whichAnimation returns nothing[/ljass]

    So when you use it it should look like this:
    [ljass]call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(whichUnit, integer)[/ljass]
    Yes you can, but if you're using GUI remember that all variables have a "udg_" in from of the variable. For instance, if you have a GUI variable called "myUnit", in JASS/Custom Script the variable is referred to as "udg_myUnit".
    It isn't a generic unit event but a specific unit event. If you need help picking the unit, I'll help.
    You would need to put the desired unit or unit variable in the <unit> part, and the desired integer (whole number, no fractions/decimals) in the <Integer> portion. And also it's [ljass]call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(unit whichUnit, integer index)[/ljass]

    for example:
    • Custom script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(GetTriggerUnit(), 0)
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