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  • That sounds like you are trying too much, and ToB being the source of your inspiration, the map starts to look more like ToB copy instead of some original and cool map.

    Just try to relax and think what kind of stuff you think is cool.

    And its not about tilesets. Ashenvale AoS can look more ToB-like than Sunken Ruins AoS. Its more about how you use those tiles.

    ( Ive always wanted to make some cool sunken ruins beach terrain with different colored sand tiles and water doodads. Just loads of white sand and blue water and some palm trees. Something like this atoll with some big bad ass seamonster living in the middle of it. )

    Anyways, Im sure you can make a damn cool AoS, and Ill deffinetly play it someday when I got time and get my computer work properly again.

    Good luck and stuff.
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