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  • Yeah sure, just tell me when I start ^.^ I got plenty of time =p

    Just that in 2 and a half week I'm leaving for 4 days :p But in 2 weeks, or 3 it shud be fine =) Or shorter ofc :p
    (for the time don't mind of any texts as I haven't thought of it's name) I asked you if you can .... not to be in a hurry
    I will create a map enviroment where the heroes I will leave will be the heroes that you can use (not nececary to use them all) but for the time I have very little time on the pc so I suppose that in about two weeks time I will be ready^^ :)
    Yeah I play dota pretty much alot ^.^

    Well ya I got experience in photoshop cs4, but I can't grant a good result ^.^

    I made pictures in several browser based mafia games at the internet so ya...

    I can try, but I can say just now that it wont get as good as dota's. I can try, I don't mind if you don't use it coz Im so bored anyways :D

    I just wanna know:
    - Resolutions
    - What it should contain
    - Text
    - Other stuff you want involved
    - Pictures in the picture, or random? Monsters? Warcraft stuff? etc :)

    if you are good at making pictures, can you make one for my map(on the loading screen?). (I am not so good at creating pictures) e.x. they have made great work on the dota map picture (if you play dota if you don't google up to find the picture)...
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