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    Hello there and welcome to this post I am making. Today I'm going to be talking about a map I will be making, generally speaking, ideas.

    This map was going to have a maze concept... If someone could come up with a sketch of a maze, that'd be neat which brings me in to Idea 1: A Maze concept
    Idea 2: A choice between the AI's pathing being visible and invisible
    Idea 3: Spells that you can unlock.
    Idea 4: Limit to one hero but you need to unlock spells
    Idea 5:Weak Buildings (To use hero more often)
    Idea 6: Limit to Buildings (e.g. If you have 10 towers, you can't build more)
    Idea 7: Each time, lets say five peasants, moves to a corner, they can have a chance of walking back to the other corner, or another a different corner.(Harder to predict) Or go to one corner then they have to continue going that way (easy to predict). Or should I have a diffuculty level (1 = easy, 2 = hard) where you pick one and if you pick easy, it follows a certain route. If you pick 2 then they'll go to random corner/ w/e you want to call them :p

    They are all the ideas I have at the moment. If you don't like one of the ideas then tell me what you want done with the idea and I will think about changing the idea.Also if you have any ideas, get them in! Also a name for the TD map.

    I will keep updating this page with ideas.

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