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Hi guys, i'm trying to make a spell that deals AoE damage, similar to Fan of Knives but the damage is split evenly amongst units in the AoE. The damage is based on the caster's agi and the cost is nothing but AGI.

It costs 2 agi to cast the spell which does 4x agi.
After 60 seconds i want the agi to return to the hero, like Murloc Nightcrawler from DOTA's Essence Shift.

I tried to make it but it didnt even remove the agi :( Could anyone please help?? Here are my triggers

Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
(Ability being cast) Equal to Blur Strike
Hero - Modify Agility of Timeshaper: Subtract 2
Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 150.00 of (Position of Timeshaper) matching (((Matching unit) belongs to an enemy of (Owner of Timeshaper)) Equal to True)) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Set Real = ((Real((Agility of Timeshaper (Include bonuses)))) + (Real((Number of units in (Last created unit group)))))
Unit - Cause Timeshaper to damage (Picked unit), dealing Real damage of attack type Chaos and damage type Divine
Countdown Timer - Start Timer as a One-shot timer that will expire in 60.00 seconds

Blur Copy
Time - Timer expires
Hero - Modify Agility of Timeshaper: Add 2

Also, i want the agi to readd each 60 sec, so like if i cast it and cast it again 10 secs later, i want to get 2 agi in 50 sec and another 2 in 60 sec, like Essence Shift.

Is the spell supposed to be MUI, MPI or just a one unit per game spell?
Try setting Timeshaper into (Triggering unit) at the beginning of the first trigger. Unless of course, there are some other triggers not mentioned here.
only one unit wil cast the spell

and umm this is the only trigger for the spell. shouldnt be any others. :/

would changing it really fix it all up?>
What I was trying to say was that 'Timeshaper' was not defined in the triggers above. As far as I see it, 'Timeshaper' is basically 'No unit' hence no response from your trigger to your unit.

Just add 'Timeshaper = (Triggering unit)' at the beginning of the first trigger will probably solve the problem.
OH OKAY! i fixed it! the spell works now but the agi doesnt all restore after 60 sec... any ideas?
Screw the timer. Try using waits instead.

- Hero - Modify Agi... -2
- Your actions...
- Wait 60.00 gametime seconds
- Hero - Modify (Triggering unit) Agi... +2

See if it works. Your trigger above seems workable though. It's not MUI. So prevent yourself from multiple casts.
Quick question, it is relative.
Can Hero Attributes be edited whilest the hero is dead?
Can a hero have an ability added/removed when dead?

Sorry I tend to forget. If not, this might be slightly more difficult.
It's a long short, i'm not recommending it. But say if he dies when the attribute is increased.
Then when he dies, and it tries to remove. You add a condition that checks if alive.
If not, then check the timer till revive, and remove the additional stats apon respawn?
Thats a very large effort though lol, but im sure it's possible.

@vypur85 Thanks for your response. Does it cause a fatal or just ignore the function?
Sorry, I would test it but I am at work and can't use WC.
I have tried before in the past. I can't remember clearly, but as far as I know, it just ignore the function. Same goes to item transfer.

I also experienced fatal error when dealing with Strength points. It's really ambiguous. I suppose more testings are required to really confirm.
Yeah, if I'm not too tired, I will test this out later.

I always add a condition just before adding/removing stats/items/abilities to check if the unit is alive. The worst thing to have is Fatal Errors in your game, lol.

But thanks for clearing that up.
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