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Welcome to Advanced Warcraft V1.0 the update that i will be making to maps(if i get enough "likes)

i was actually working on this before but i had to reset my whole computer and i lost all my data so i got really down about it...but heres the list of notes i came up with...

Warcraft 3 hasn't really evolved in ages, now to some thats great and i love warcraft 3 as is but i will not wait years and years for warcraft ill just make my own update and hope people enjoy it


all races will be back to 3 heros that they can use and a few new heros will be added to the neutral tavern

All magic damage will be greatly increased. I mean from caster units since their damage is very pitiful and negligent on most of them.

The 3 Teir tech system will remain intact with a few modifications to learning abilities and such.

The extra damage Heavy armor takes from magical attacks will be reduced to 150% as the buff to casters basic attacks would make them OP

2 New Races will be added to the game
Blood Elves
Changes to Humans
The Elves have long left the humans leaving to quench their magical lust. In the wake of their leave the humans magical prowess has been greatly diminished.

Medic unit added
Revive Footman(aka CPR)

Wizard unit added
has 4/5/6/7 Chaos Damage as his base attack(magic missile) and can attack land or air
Mana Shield
Summon Fire Elemental
Arcane Torrent

Rifleman change-Flax shells deals extra damage and a small AoE Verses air units.

(Possible)Improved armor-upgrades your footmen to captains giving them 15% magic resistance and more armor
Changes to Orc
The orcs have long meditated and harness the darkness left over in their blood. at Teir 3 Orcs may now upgrade into Fel Orcs and gain much more power.

Demonic Blood-The orcs gain much power but cannot handle it. the unit that uses it gains some attack but loses movement speed and gains [Unamed debuff] Which increases all damage taken by 20% Lasts 20 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown.

Wyvrens are now riderless and have a standard attack against air. After researching a tech item grunts and wyvrens can combine for form the old wyvrens with the poison attack becoming baseline. There is a 60 second Cooldown after combining so people have to use it wisely.

Kudos will have their War Drums aura Reduced a bit so that they require more strategic placing

Grunts will be losing some base HP so they are a bit more balanced in the early game but will be getting most of it back after upgrading.
Changes to undead
The new lich king brings updates and changes to the undead units. and the banshees were keep arthas up at night with their constant screaming so they have been cast out.

(no banshees arent really gone calm down people.)
After researching 1 of 2 abilities through the power of dark magic from the scourge ghouls will be able to morph into more powerful undead units.There is a 30 second "Build" time so the ghouls must be protected until the spell is completed.

Flesh Golems-
Light Armor 2/3/4/5
Attack Damage- 19-23+3 per level
Lesser Critical Strike-Gives a 15% Chance to deal 1.3x normal damage

Heavy Armor 2/4/6/8
MS-250(Slight Nerf since i belive they should be somewhat slow
Attack Damage will remain unchanged for now

Changes to night elves

Huntresses will get their base attack slightly nerfed and their gains with upgrades slightly buffed to compensate.

Elune's Armor- a research able ability for arches that grants them +3 Armor while under a full moon(at night)

The Night Elf Runner will be added in as a Tier 2 added into the ancient of war and will be a supportive caster with the abilities
Lesser Rejuvenation
Illusionary Double

Druids of the Claw will be getting a slight revision Rejuvination will be replaced with:
Stampeding Roar- Increases the Movement speed of all units in the area around the druid by 15%

This gives the night elves a bit more mobility in critical moments since theyre units are fairly weak.

so what do you guys think? ill add more later but i wont be putting most of the changes up as i dont want someone stealing my idea =P

discuss below and say something if you want to see this be done
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