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    //Determines if "a" gets closer to "b" by going clockwise.
    function Clockwise takes real a, real b returns boolean
        return Sin(b-a)<=0

    Lets take 2 angles, lets say 90 and 330
    The function Clockwise(90,330) returns true, because 90 is closer to 330 by going clockwise.

    Sin(330-90) - > Sin(240) == -0.866
    The result is negative, the function returns true.
    "Sin" is a function that evaluates the position of an angle according to it's image in the Y axis.
    So if the angle given is between 180- and 0+ it returns a positive number, but if it's between 180+ and 360- it returns a negative number.
    So now Imagine comparing 0 to any other given angle. We know that 0 has to go counter-clockwise to reach 30, and Sin(30) is positive, and to reach 330 it has to go clockwise, and Sin(330) is negative.
    So basically the function takes the comparison of the two given angles and turns it into comparing the angle to 0.
    Clockwise(90,330) is the same as Clockwise(0,240)

    Please credit if used.
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    So I have a question sir because I have problems on making my 3 dummies move in a counter clockwise direction. how to set the points on that and if the dummy reaches from 0 to 360 degrees completing the cycle.

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