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Chocobos that carry items around.. faster than your self! A King and Queen (In case you get bored of being king or queen, and wanna be the prince/princess. A castle that you can explore and do a few jobs in. Tuns of jobs out-side of the castle. A marriage system.. EXTRA EXTRA: Now you can have kids! he-he. You can choose Female/Male and have a wife/husband. Mini quests like: help me save my child, or something. And a lot more

I am not going to make ride-able horses as they will take a long time. (I'm lacking models)

I am adding stuff that I WILL NOT SAY HERE cause it's a secret. You have to find out for yourself, and you shouldn't tell ANYONE about it if you do find out what it is. It's my secret that you guys will find surprising (I think) In-game

I need some suggestions BEFORE I can put anything in this spoiler apart from the fact that I wrote this. (wrote because I just wrote this :p) and I have something to put in here:
If you notice this notice you will notice this notice is not worth noticing
1. To start off, you may need to learn the code I have used which is: *Hi* so the "*" in *Hi* are what you use for the codes and not "-" Because I wanted this map to have a Unique code thing.
2. You may want to change your name, start by going "*set name* Hi" so my name WILL be Hi
3. Money... Money is a necessity to surviving. If you notice the dialog in the video in the video section then you will understand that you need FOOD to survive.
4. To get money, you will need a job. Jobs DO have a benefit other than the "Gold" you receive XP which will help you level up.
5. If you are the King/or Queen then you will receive Gold every day and night (so 6:00 and 18:00(6:00PM)
and to receive XP you have a "special" training area (other people can train there as well).
And that's all I can think of at this moment.
This is the first picture of the Castle in-construction :p



I'll post some other pics when The castle is done. and when I get the city back into place :p
Sorry for the 3rd picture for being on a lean.

Added some more pictures of the castle, and the whole city (With-out the doodads)


This is just the throne room.

The bar.


The trigger is longer than that :p.
Yes I am away from that bug. I am looking for ways to fix it.
The Commands

What I have added
Inside the Castle
I also need some idea's of what to put in the castle

King's/Queen's bedroom(almost done)
King's/Queen's training room
Prince/Princesses/Others Bedrooms (almost done)
Archer Tower
Library (inside Castle)
Combat room (Main lay-out done)(king/queen)
Outside the castle
What I will add
Library (Outside of castle)
Place to train guards ETC (inside castle)
Mining Facility (for miner job)
Systems Added
Hunger System
Custom XP System

Please take the time to post any suggestions in this post.

I am starting a free-hand poll, please post on this thread what you would like to see
Found here:
Poll Update:
2 Jobs (No description)
1More Houses, Random Events

I need some idea's for neutrals, so you can level up :p (E.G. Dragons) Specify their level, and how much damage they do. I may change their level's and damage.

Sad news is, I'm wanting a version (shit version) to be out before my B-Day, I may break that if not enough of the map (Triggers, units, etc) done. A version that is just for testing.
Sounds kinda like Final Fantasy. I noticed the Chocobo reference.

Ensure that your map has a good entertainment rate, keeps players interested and looks good.
Not my type of roleplay, at all. But good luck anyway. And what is it that makes this a roleplay map and not a LoaP map? I mean lots of people rp loap maps but that doesn't make them roleplaying maps.
OK, just did a quick edit with the main post, made spoilers instead of having it the old way, added a picture's content (Show you guys the pictures of the map, and game-play when I finish adding it)


I have had some progress on terraining, doodad's, and have finished making some buildings. I may end up taking down the the town and re-making the castle to be better. You can come lyconthrope, have jobs, when I get to it, you can bank which every day puts 5% onto the current gold in your bank.

I have made 6 heroes (3 boys and girls) with each of them having their own stats. (if one of them is strength then you will get 3 strength and 1 of agility and int). I am currently re-making the hunger system to not use the food supply. I have updated the were-wolf to my liking (with anothers model)

If someone would tell me how you make a spell book, that would be appreciated.

Please don't be afraid to post idea's/suggestion's I won't bite.

EDIT: I am making a custom EXP gain.
Your spoilers are empty.
You should try do something about that Opening Post.
Also is there maybe a version to test? Or is it still in progress?
I know the spoilers are empty. I haven't had much time to update the post or the map.



Added a picture of the castle :p
Lol I hate to be negative or anything, but I hope you know this is going to take alot of work still.
Perhaps you should look into finding a team to help you..?
Haha, I'm wanting this to be a solo map.

This will take a lot of work, I know. But, this map was first started in newgen.. Now I'm using the normal WE. (I'm using 460x460 I think). And I don't find that negative in anyway, I find it as constructive criticism (Which is what I'm wanting.. not people just saying Good Work even though It's nice, nor am I trying to be negative)
Okay, well more feedback can be given when we see more content, so keep working!
Heheh, more pictures added :p

I might add a video of turning into a Lyconthrope (Werewolf) like I promised

I'll try add some more content ASAP I might just make another Spoiler (or 3) to show you what I added in the castle and city. I might actually end up getting a guide up soon. (Then before the map is released to the public, in the game).

I am starting a free-hand poll, please post on this thread what you would like to see
Is in the main post

I have added a video of the werewolf and me turning into one... To show you guys that I HAVE done it :p

EDIT: I am going to add a video of me spawning the King and (glitched) Queen and setting my name.
EDIT: Done adding the video for tonight.

EDIT: Added in another picture.
So far the poll is Null all.
if you want me to add some pictures of game play, then be specific. If you want to see some of the heroes I've made, then tell me. Post it though! Don't PM me!
EDIT: I edited the youtube link and the picture link to be on the Spoiler (and not linked to the link)
Poll Update:
2 Jobs (No description
1More Houses and Random Events
EDIT: Until I get 11 jobs, the main money-making way is every 30 seconds for 100 gold.
Edit added a picture of a place to hang out (For the moment). You could almost say its a bar (no people working the bar though :p)
OK, my map will not be out tomorrow. You will have to wait, I still have allot of triggers to do and units (which is stopping the map coming out), Until I can specify a date.
1. Some triggers aren't working due to items not being used properly (Doesn't disappear) and am looking for help on that.
______________________________________________________________________________________EDIT: The next post I make WILL be my main post. AND I cannot release my map until I get these Bloody (Sorry for language) items working.

Most the stuff I said in the first post WILL NOT be included in the first Beta map
New Title Page

New Title Page. This is a new title page with new stuff (AKA Fresh Start)





What I have added
What I will add
Marriage System to have kids.

Systems Added
Beta 1.0_1 is out now!

I am now putting it back on soon.

Download #1

BTW The change is: I have added the weapons seller and beds inside the houses. I have also worked on the marriage system. At the moment, it doesn't work properly. (It's not fully completed)
Okay, I've done some testing and well I can't seem to understand what to do.

There is no explanation of objectives and well nothing seems to work or have any reason behind it.

-> Selecting Male Agi gives you a Female character
-> Selecting Female Agi gives you a Male character
-> Abilities learned by the Heros have no effects or tooltips
-> Purchasing of houses does not work
-> Hunger System is abit odd as there is nothing that can be done to reduce or prevent it
-> Doors dont open unless attacked, which takes a while
-> Besides layout their isn't really anything in the map
Sorry about that xD Forgot to add some animals in and well... a fishing pond and a way to create a fishing rod, I will add that quickly now. As for the first two, I'll fix that now.

There are only 3 abilities and... well, I forgot to put the tooltips on. I will fix that now.
Doors not opening unless attacked... I'll see what I can do.
The three abilities the three heroes are given are as stated:
Agility: Level's up your agility level,
Strength: Level's up your strength
Intelligence: Levels up your Intelligence level.

I will see what I can do and release Beta 1.0_2 (Not rushed) xD (Jokes about it not being rushed, It wasn't rushed to start with.). Oh yes, my pet fish... thing in warcraft 3 tells me to add: Make-able Fires that go out often (Leaving Fire-pit on the ground, that can't be picked up. SO you have to create a new one.)

Gaining food will be as noted:Chickens (not yet implemented) Find these things, be rewarded (I think), Wolves (Most common thing, IMHO), Pigs (Will add soon) and Stags.
These things WILL revive (Wolves the same as other hostile units) pigs, stags and chickens longer than hostile units, as they don't fight back.

Also note: There have been additions to the game (1 more job that is still being worked on.

And thanks Inflicted for the feed back.

Also: Expect beta 1.0_3 to be out before 0030 (My Time)
These bugs have really puzzled me! Maybe basing them off another ability will work...
That didn't work... What ability should I base them off? (One ability per 1, BTW I'm talking about the Agi, Str and Int abilities.)
Beta 1.0_3 will not be out tonight (My Time) Until I can get these bugs fixed.

EDIT: Fixed 2 of the bugs:
Picking Female chooses Male
Picking Male chooses Female.

Also fixed another that I found the other day:
Picking male(now Female) starts the user with a Female that has 3 (Agi)

Also a bug that never existed:
Opening a door doesn't open.
The doors open and closes (for blue only) BECAUSE the bug for buying and selling houses (Unable to buy houses) which I'm trying to fix now.

Edit: Fixed another bug Purchasing of houses now work properly

EDIT: Note to everyone: Found another bug with selling houses... You can't sell houses until I discover what is wrong.
I am now looking for a terrainer and a person to do some girl kid voices. PM me if you are interested. I am also looking for some people to write music (Compose?), if your interested, again, PM me. Thanks.
EDIT: And some modelers
Also, if you want to test, pm me.
I need testers these days :).
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