Ask for help/ideas on making good naruto spell pack

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by FlameSoul, Nov 4, 2009.

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    I have the idea of getting a really good Naruto model set and doing the spells just like they look in the anime, but the first thing I need to decide on is which way should I take with Oodama Rasengan.
    You'll see, trouble is you have to be coherent with the following picture
    so I don't know if it is possible to make 2 units move that way or if it's better to make an mdl/mdx that has the spell cast/move/spell attack animations.

    What do you think??

    After deciding on that I think I'll need a Normal Naruto model and a Sennin Naruto model both having the following animations:
    -Attack (some attack animations)
    -Rasengan (when atacking with rasengan)
    -Double rasengan (when atacking with double rasengan)
    -Chakra rotation
    -Element add
    -Rasen Shuriken stand
    -Rasen Shuriken attack (when rasen shuriken is not complete - same move as rasengan)
    -Rasen Shuriken throw
    -Handseals (so that I can make handseals when cast jutsus)

    Maybee Oodama rasengan animations can be included in this model animations (animations without sphere and I can add the model to the "original naruto's" hand).
    Or maybee I can have
    -Oodama left hand cast
    -Oodama right hand cast
    And make one unit play that animation, another one to play the other, attach the "oodama rasengan" to the caster's hand and make units move and attack using oodama left and oodama right move and attack animations (the units would have to move togheter, but that's coding problem).

    After that I still have to work out how the hell I'm going to make Naruto stand on the head of the toads.

    That's just for a start (Am I really crazy??)
    Ideas about this?? More ideas??
  2. avalya

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    Wow, that's big pictures, might wanna use thumbnails.

    Seems slightly crazy, though I'd say go for it (the first you can do using either 2 units or a custom made model animation, either one would work just fine).
  3. FlameSoul

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    OK, I'll need someone who is good at modelmaking and wants to do this.
    Of course, all the credit concernig the models will be for him.
    I think that once the model is finished and good enough, it will be uploaded so that everyone can use a really good model and thank the author.

    Now, who wants to work and thinks he's good enough??

    (Once someone accepts to do this, I will write down "full specifications" on the models and find some way of comunicating).
  4. tooltiperror

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    No offense, but not a lot of people will probably want to do this.

    It's tons of work for these models, and not really for a known map like DotA.

    But then again, it's them, not me.

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