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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Cres, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Warning: only for those who have lots of free time

    there are 2 servers, green and blue, i like the green one because its not so hard on the eyes ^^

    its a free game, but people "subscribe" so they can order items instead of hitting refresh over and over looking for a single item

    The point of the game is to create a robot to fight other robots, no graphics involved, hardcore data and number crunching

    Battles are totally automatic, you cant do anything once you start, so you have to pick your opponents wisely

    Every time you win, you get money (kudos) to buy weapons which you can equip

    Also, there are levels and you cant fight people who are below you or way higher than you. Every level you get to distribute stat points between strength, agility (or was it dex), and intellegence (exp gain)
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    Its fun if you like... dont know what an image is. 'Radley hits trainbot for 1' 'trainbot scratches Radley with its fist (2 damage)'. It does that dealing 1~4 damage for the first guy u fight... but he has about 180 life, so you sit there about 3 minutes waiting and you cant lose b/c its a trainbot lol

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