Caravan defense (Idea)



ok one day i was in Biology class and i thought of this lol.

Story- The War torn lands of Azeroth,it seems they will never be safe. The burning legion has yet again massed an attack. You along with several other hero's from every corner of the world have been called to unite, under the powerfull banner of justice. The mission is simple To lead a supply caravan to the variouse towns of azeroth through the war scarred lands.The time is now, Let the blood of our enemys run free, and the shield of honor ring strong!

ok in real terms there will be a hero select everyone picks there hero. heros will be totally customized and such. The caravan will begin moving after 30 seconds or so (so everyones ready). You must protect the caravan as it travels to the variouse towns. once you arrive at a town you must protect that town while the caravan unloads. then you procede untill you arrive at every town ect. ect.

so what do you guys think? any ideas, help, anything will be appreciated :D


Sounds interesting, needs some special events to like ambushes or its next town got raided when u arrive and stuff like that... Ill help if you need me, send me a PM if you need me fast


alright sweet man yeah i just laid out a general overview

glad you like the idea ill pm you soon

any other thoughts?
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