Command Aura Bugged?

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so got command aura for a unit that can make mirrors of himself... thers 2 problems whit this

1. its meant to add 50% damage it adds 100% (iv put in 0.5)
(it solved the problem strangely bu changing it to 0.25 :nuts:)

2. the mirrors get a stacked command aura, as he can get 3 mirrors of himself these units get +50% damage*4 witch equals 200%...
how do i make it so that these auras DONT stack on the mirrors?

whit the changes i did changed 0.5 to 0.25 it now adds up to a total of +100% on the mirrors

but the creeps still get that 50% from point 1, but the mirrors seem to gain 25% times 4


Back for now.
Dont know whats up with point 1), but for point 2):

Go to Advanced - Gameplay Constants

Then look for stuff about images.

It has something like, images can bestow auras or something, make it false.


Truth begins in lies
1)When the hero beings casting mirror image remove Command aura and add it.
2)Make a dummy spell called mirror image which does nothing and is active, then when the abillity is used, remove Command aura, add the REAL mirror image order the unit to cast it, remove the REAL mirror image, add command aura.
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