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  • Hey Kenny, I just remember now some suggestion (if you still want) to your projectile, color change :)
    Hai cockface. LOL.

    Anyways, I'm beginning work on my own demo / cool projectile shit / top secret map. One feature is:

    Pyro Reroute: Causes all projectiles within 1000 range of the caster and the target to lose it's path. All projectiles will then become enflamed, and refired at the targeted unit, dealing a bonus 25 damage.

    Lame name :)
    Blink should like. Make missiles aimed at you go haywire. Not just missiles in range. Hmm.... because if you fire like Peasant Wyvern Spears at Blood Mage, than blink to the other side of the map... doesn't it follow? Perhaps make it so that the missile will only home on if they are in certain range of their original location :D
    You should add shadows to projectiles. You know the Supreme Commander maps? They are open source and they have a working projectile system :D I think facing works correctly as well. All JASS o_O

    Add shadows to projectiles as well :D.. using images .__. ;)

    function BulletAddShadow takes integer i returns image
    local real size
    if udg_bulletAttackId==0 then
    set size = udg_classCollisionRadius2d[GetUnitClass(udg_bulletUnit)]
    set size = udg_attackShadowSize[udg_bulletAttackId]
    if size<1. then
    return null
    set udg_bulletShadow = CreateImage("ReplaceableTextures\\Shadows\\ShadowFlyer.blp", size, size, size, udg_bulletX-size*.5, udg_bulletY-size*.5, 0, 0, 0, 0, 2)
    call SetImageColor(udg_bulletShadow,255,255,255,192)
    call SetImageRenderAlways( udg_bulletShadow, IsUnitVisible(udg_bulletUnit,GetLocalPlayer()) )
    call ShowImage(udg_bulletShadow, true)
    return udg_bulletShadow
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