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    I'm sitting here, writing this in my office desk.

    It's cold.

    Screams outside.


    There. Shut the windows, shut out the screams. Not so cold now, not so cold... good. Stopped shaking. Good.

    I closed the door, put everything in front of it, chairs and coffee machine. I don't wanna die. Tom was banging on it for a while, screaming, trying to get in. He stopped, though. After a while. They got him, I bet.

    And now it's quiet... except for the wind. It's rattling the windows. I hate it so much. But now I can't hear any screams, and that's good. Can't. I can't do alot of things now, I know. Can't go out. Can't go home, can't kiss my wife, can't mow the lawn, can't


    Broke my pencil. Soiled my pants. My cheeks... my cheeks are wet, and there's some spittle on my collar... but I'm not dead. Not dead. Yeah. But, hey, get this... NEITHER are THEY!!! HAHA, joke's on YOU motherfucker! HAHAHA

    I don't know what to do now, there's nobody to ask what to do anymore. I don't know, I don't know I don't know I dont know. I don't wanna jump. It's just... three. Three stories up, and if I just break my legs SHIT

    They're banging on the door now. Must've heard me crying and screaming. Maybe laughing. I don't know anymore. I had another fit. Did I tell you? And... and I bet Tom's with them, that stupid son of a bitch. Always wanted to get me. But they got him first, didn't they Tom?

    The pen is mightier than the sword, that's what they say. Whoever they are. What about you, pencil? Are YOU mightier than the sword? I bet YOU are. You bet.

    One swift motion. Contract elbow. Slide it in.

    Keep it open.

    I can't do this

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