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    Demolition... Conquer and Destroy[/U

    A Long Time Ago... (In a galaxy far far away--- Jokes)
    A Battle broke out between the two Clans, striving for the glory of being on top. With them being on top of their faction already, they have an army at their disposal. They Clans fought fiercely, this has gone on for years, although there was never a factor to change the war.. Their powers were equal.

    Present Date, Xeria
    The rumors are that the gods looked down on this battle, sending elite warriors to each team without any knowledge of battle, Although they are weak and stupid, they have an incredible desire to learn, and an extremely high durability in their Physical and Mental Power. These Warriors will battle along side their clans armies.... Which team will emerge victor.

    The concept of this was a combination of a few maps, here's a list.
    1. Hero Line Wars
    2. Footman Frenzy
    3. Survival Chaos

    Players will use their barracks to purchase their creeps to increase their income, their creeps will then spawn and start fighting their way to the opponents Circle of Power, When an unit reaches the enemies Circle of Power it is destroyed and therefor the enemy team loses a life. You can use the gold that you get from your creeps kills, and your hero's kills to either purchase more units to increase income farther, purchase tomes and/or items to increase your hero's strength, or even spend it to increase the attack damage, Regeneration, or health of your defensive structures.
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    If you give me the map I can test it with a group of friends/editors, and give you feedback.
    or I could host it over my SA server. Either way.
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    Hate to bump your post, but is this project still existing?

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