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It's actually still alive, lot of things have been happening. I'm trying to get a beta ready, college keeps one surprisingly busy. =/

Deities were a fun idea, but ended up not panning out, decided to pull them. However, there's a Guardian party now to assist the DM, since a full house meant 1 Dungeon Master had to hold back 11 Heroes, it was just insane.

When there's a large number of players, the game randomly picks Dungeon Guardians from the Hero Party - you have know way of knowing if you'll get picked to help guard the dungeon. At 6 players, it picks 1. At 9 it picks 2, and at 12 it picks 3. So in a full house game, there's 1 DM, 3 Guards and 8 Heroes. Should be a lot more fun. The Guards help protect the DM, since it's going to be pretty hard to protect the whole dungeon against a full party of 8 heroes already. >:)

Map Terrain is almost done, Heroes are almost done, getting the Defenders setup.


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I have one concern: If the DM ends up having a ton of units, how is he going to manage all of them? Will it be sort of like the dota units where they go down a hall of some sort and fight the heroes without the DM doing it himself.

Maybe a couple of buildings can be set up, and you can get units out of them to send down a hallway from where the heroes are attacking.

From what I can see from the initial post, I don't see something like this happening. Hopefully it's not too hard to control all of them. (Unless this is what you want)

Also, a terrain screenshot would be awesome, seeing as it would also effect the ability to control all of those units.


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You should definitely get a test map up, this sounds like it'd be fun as hell to lan with some buddies.
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