Technology European Union Wants All Smartphones To Have A Standard Charging Port

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    European Lawmakers have made a demand to develop a common charging port for all the smartphones available in the market. The practice of introducing a common port for all portable devices like smartphones, e-readers, tablets and a few more will reduce the generation of electronic waste on a high scale. This initiative also intends to make consumers’ life a bit easy.

    In 2014, the Radio Equipment Directive of the European Union demanded the development of a common charging port but the initiative was turned down because of a shortage of co-legislatures. In consideration of the debate which was held on January 13, 2019, a voting session will be conducted to take any further decision on the development of a standard charger for all portable devices.

    The European Union mentioned in one of its assessment ‘Standard charger for mobile phones: Inception Impact Assessment (2018)‘ that the electronic waste reduction policies have not been followed completely as according to the current scenario, Apple Lightning, USB 2.0 Micro B and USB Type C are majorly used by the consumers.

    Apple responded to the report of the European Union a year ago by stating that a common charger for all smartphones is bad for the environment and will freeze innovation instead of encouraging it.

    As mentioned by Apple, around a billion Apple devices are using lightning port. The introduction of a common charger will increase electronic waste on a very large scale and will hamper the convenience of the users too thus defeating the motive behind the directive.

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