Report First borns have mental edge, study shows

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    First borns score higher than their siblings in IQ tests as early as age one, the study has found.

    Although all children received the same levels of emotional support, first-born children received more support with tasks that developed thinking skills.

    Researchers say the findings could help to explain the so-called birth order effect when children born earlier in a family enjoy better wages and more education in later life.

    Economists at the University of Edinburgh, Analysis Group and the University of Sydney examined data from the U.S. Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a dataset collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Nearly 5,000 children were observed from pre-birth to age 14. Every child was assessed every two years. The tests included reading recognition, such as matching letters, naming names and reading single words aloud and picture vocabulary assessments. Information was also collected on environmental factors such as family background and economic conditions.

    Read more here. (The University of Edinburgh)

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