Health Food packaging chemical BPA 'found in digestive system of 86% of teenagers'

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    The European Commission says BPA affects hormones but others insist it has been well studied and found to be safe.

    A potentially hazardous chemical used in certain plastic food packaging has been found in the digestive system of 86% of teenagers who took part in a recent study.

    The University of Exeter research looked at Bisphenol A (BPA), which makes plastics flexible but strong.

    Some studies have suggested that the chemical could be linked to breast cancer and heart disease and there have been calls for it to be banned. However, others believe that stance is misleading.

    BPA, which has been used since the 1960s, is often found in the white lining inside tinned foods, drinks cans and bottle tops. Even till receipts, DVDs and processed foods are known to contain it.

    Researchers studied 94 teenagers and found it was almost impossible for them to avoid BPA products.

    Read more here. (Sky News UK)

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