Iconpack Frozen Weapon Set - Skyblader

Thank you. Is there any way I can improve? Because I still would like to design icons and I dont think theyre the best, but i cant find whats missing.
The icons got worse at the versions went on.
And why is there like 1500 icons on the original post.

Which ones am I getting?
Just display the ones that are in the pack.

Center the text below the icons.
It looks out of place to the left.

Remove the "+rep me" sentence.

Not needed, but it would be nice if the "via PM" linked to a new message to you.
Like this:
(Via PM is fine)

[noparse](Via PM is fine)[/noparse]

That's all I got for now.
I like them, they don't really work well with replacing the normal buttons, but I like them for spells.

Could be for some icy armor spell :)


Thanks for the comments.
Wolfie, I dont get what you mean by why is there 1500 icons in the original post. Is there?
I centered the text and removed the line, and linked the PM. I also cleared out my zip file making it much more organised, separating the different versions and BTN from DISBTN.
Changed the colour of the bottom text. All 23 icons are in the package, in case some people like the previous versions better, as you said the icons get worse everytime. But maybe some people like the newer ones? So I included them all in. And since I did, I guess I have to display them?
It's been a year plus.. Yeah. Anyway, decided to touch up on them again, since I have a new tablet and, looking back, these icons look really bad. Thought I'd try new techniques and also brighten the Skill add a little so it isn't so dull. Please do give me your feedbacks :thup:

Minor update, I've moved the experimental/unreleased/sample into version 1.4 instead. And the 2 new icons into 1.4 as well.


Well, they are quite nice but you really should make a kind of "global" command iconpack, which would include all the icons in one and not be as confusing. :)

The problem right now is that some command icons, because of changes in different versions, don't quite fit with each other, being too different.
What do you mean global..? Like only one of each kind, all just put all the icons into a folder?
Well, there are what, 4 versions of "Stop" while there is only 1 dual-sword crossing icon.

Maybe make a pack with only 1 of each, supposedly that one being the "recommended" pack? :)

You can't have 4 move icons in your map anyway.
1) The icons are in .tga. Rules state all icons need to be in .BLP.

Only thing that I noticed.
Don't mean to challenge anything, but I can't find the rule that states so. Could you show me?
AndewGosu's Icon Rules.

  • (A 'Read Me' with the icon paths are required)
    [*] (A short descriptive text is optional)
    [*] (All BTN icons must have a border)
    [*] (All icons must be in .blp format)
    [*] (When submitting an iconpack containing lots of icons, the DISBTN preview is optional, however, all BTN icons must still have it)
    [*] (All icons must be uploaded as a .zip file)
Oh there... Thanks. :) I'll see how I can convert the file formats..
Well, there are what, 4 versions of "Stop" while there is only 1 dual-sword crossing icon.

Maybe make a pack with only 1 of each, supposedly that one being the "recommended" pack? :)

You can't have 4 move icons in your map anyway.

Ignore this, finally. It's better to have more icons than less.

Just convert them to .blp and I'll approve this.
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