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Jungle Nautilus - SBSTP
Hello! For all your fellow League of Legends amateurs this is my jungle Nautilus guide.​
Short Intro
Right now, I would consider Nautilus as "over powered". This big guy has a ton of crowd control. Firstly, his passive makes it that when Nautilus attacks a target, he does bonus damage and stuns the target for a short time. The passive has a short cool down. Secondly, his Q ability is a very long range hook. Nautilus throws his anchor and if he hits a target, the target is pulled towards him. Thirdly, his W ability is a shield which gives him a very high amount of absorption. Additionally, his shield gives him a ton of damage as well as splash damage. This is what allows him to jungle so well. Fourthly, his E ability is an AOE slow which deals decent burst damage. Lastly, his ultimate, R ability, is a knock up which follows the target. You cast it on an enemy and it creates a wave of water which knocks up every enemy it hits until it hits the selected target. Here's the champion spotlight of Nautilus which will show you his abilities way better than I can explain.​
Skill Order
There is not many ways of building Nautilus when jungling. The W is what you want to max. The shield, bonus damage and splash damage is all what you need to jungle. Therefore, I recommend maxing in the following order: W-E-W-Q-W-R-W-E-W-E-R-E-Q-E-Q-R-Q-Q-Q, basically you max W first, then E while putting at least one point in the Q, I recommend at level 4.​
In the Jungle
While mana is not a big need for Nautilus in the jungle, I recommend starting at blue so you can give the blue buff quickly to your mid lane. Basically, you start at wolves at 1:40, then aim for blue buff at 1:54. After, you go for the Wraiths, Double Golems, Red buff and finally Wraiths again. After doing the Wraiths the second time, you should hit the level 4 (if your allies did not steal experience) and be ready to gank, probably mid lane since you are near it.​
** Make sure that your allies damage the wolves at 1:40 at leash the blue at 1:54 **
While being a strong tank, nautilus has a huge damage output. For your starting items, you want to look into
and 3
and 5
At your first back, you want to get
if you don't have some already.​
Your first items should be
The rest of the items are depend on what team your opponents have. However, here's a list of items I recommend getting:
This is what I use for runes, there might be better ones though.​
For the masteries, I don't pick anything special, just a normal 9-21-0​
Last words
Well this is all for now, I will probably add more very soon. I will also upload a replay as soon as possible.​
Version 1.0​


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
lol you were talking to me when you took those screen pics :p nice tutorial, i need to add pics to mine

Also you can link to items like so:

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