//!! Hero Creation Contest Official Thread !!\\ (new deadline: 14th of October, 2013)

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  1. Andrewgosu

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    The abomination you're looking at is actually a theorycraft Warcraft 3 hero creation contest (my homage to the first contest I ever partook)! Feel free to brew a beverage of your choice before starting to read allllll the rules and obfusticated voting process. I recommend Thai tea from Pandaria.​

    DEADLINE: 29th of September, 2013

    The winner is determined in a two-way fashion: by the score given by me in conjunction with the results of the public poll. How does it all work?​

    The catch of this voting process: during no time until the voting has ended the heroes' authors are revealed!​
    1. The deadline drops - no more creations cannot be submitted
    2. I will grade the heroes in the following categories:
      • Coherence of the hero (how well does everything fit together - the story, the aesthetics, the spells' effects etc.) - 15 points
      • Originality (does the hero use yet another simple dash) - 10 points
      • Fine details (are the descriptions typo-less, do the icons use the right borders etc.) - 5 points
    3. After grading the heroes I will post the results e.g.
      • Submitter 17 - 28 points
      • Submitter 5 - 26 points
      • Submitter 8 - 25 points
      • etc.
    4. After revealing the grades I will post all the heroes (without the authors) and create a public poll which closes after 7 days of voting e.g.
      • Poll option 1 - Jenna the Paladin
      • Poll option 2 - Gix the Nightcrawlers
      • Poll option 3 - Relix the Enchanter
      • etc.
    5. After the voting has ended, 8 most popular heroes will get additional points to their score in the following fashion:
      • 1st place - 37 points
      • 2nd place - 32 points
      • 3rd place - 29 points
      • 4th place - 24 points
      • 5th place - 21 points
      • 6th place - 18 points
      • 7th place - 12 points
      • 8th place - 9 points
    6. The final scores (maximum score 30+37 points) are tallied and the authors behind the heroes are revealed!
    What's with the elaborate setup? Mainly because I can. Or because it will create suspense. Or because I like the fact the winner is determined both by the popular opinion and me - the h ost. Why are you even reading this part, it's beyond me. I like Pandamama's cookies.​

    The prizes are currently undecided because I'm not yet too familiar with the current forum's software - I will consult with the other moderators/administrators. Subject to change!​

    The rules are simple despite being text-wallish (yes, that's a word now) and are here to provide the best contest experience (especially during the voting period when all the works are published, if any).​
    1. One hero per contestant
      • the type of hero is decided by you
      • the hero must have a background story/description
      • the word limit for the hero's background story is 240 words
      • the hero must have a class name (e.g. Paladin)
      • the hero must have a proper name (e.g. Justian)
        • the proper name and class name must be combined to create a full name (e.g. Justian the Paladin)
        • the class and proper name are up to you (no need to use default Warcraft 3 names)
      • the hero's main attribute must be included (strength, intelligence or agility based hero)
    2. The hero must have a model
      • This means you have to include an in-game picture of the hero
      • Imported models are allowed
    3. The hero must possess four spells
      • three "regular" spells, each spell with three levels
      • one "ultimate" spell, with a single level
      • the spells description must follow conventional Warcraft 3 spell "rules"
      • the spells must include the mana cost, cooldown duration (and additional statistics for the spell effect) for each level of the spell
    4. Each spell must include a description
      • the description word limit is 120 words per spell (that's a maximum of 4x120=480 words for the hero)
      • to be clear, only the "description" part counts towards the word limit; phrases like e.g. "Cost of Mana: 75") do not count.
    5. Each spell and the hero must have an icon
      • imported/custom icons are allowed
      • the icon must follow conventional Warcraft 3 icon "rules" - 64x64 pixels in size, with proper borders etc.
      • the icons must be included in the submitted file (read the next rule)
    6. Your submission must be submitted to me via email andrew.gosu@gmail.com or via this site's personal messaging system
      • your email must include your thehelper.net username so I can identify you
      • your submission must be in a .doc(x) or equivalent format (OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc.)
        • I will notify you via email as fast as possible if your file cannot be opened
      • this rule is implemented to provide anonymity until the contest is over
    7. You are prohibited from posting WIP-s/spoilers of your work directly (or revealing other authors) before the voting has finished
      • If you wish to post WIP-s/spoilers, see the previous rule and send me the file so I can post it anonymously
      • Overstepping this rule will result in a disqualification
    If anything is too difficult to understand or you need to clarify something, feel free to post in this thread. Bash-talk is encouraged (unless it provokes a Third World war - then it's not cool).

    Also, everything I wrote here is subject to change the way I see fit. Maybe I missed something, maybe something isn't clear enough or maybe, you're the one who's gonna save me.


    Your favourite Pandaren,
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  2. Accname

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    No contests for years and now 2 contests running simultaniously? Sounds a little bit odd in my opinion.
    Somebody got to be on a nostalgia trip.

    But back to topic:
    1. Do you want the hero to be balanced with the melee game? (roughly)
    2. Do you want the skills to be flashy and over-the-top or balanced and appropriate for a melee game?
    3. Do you want a demo map with the hero? (Do you want to make a demo map for the contestants to use?)
  3. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

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    how do we get a wc3 hero into a .doc(x) file?
    when is the deadline? (or any dates for that matter)?
    can I compete even if I don't use a custom model?
  4. death_knight

    death_knight Dark is the heart of a corrupted man.

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    1. I hope you do realise the deadline you set is almost a year ago rather than at the end of this month, right?
    2. On the topic Accname brought up, it would be useful to know whether or not the hero needs to be balanced and furthermore, what game type we need to balance it for.
    3. You probably want to check what you wrote a bit more carefully. I mean: "The deadline drops - no more creations cannot be submitted" is really bad English and doesn't make a lot of sense.
    4. You might seriously want to get the prize(s) in order otherwise people won't really have much of an incentive to participate in this contest.
    5. In terms of custom models and icons, you said they're allowed, but do we have to create them ourselves? Or can we use custom models and icons made by others?
  5. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Although its one year in the past its still clearly visible.
    Makes it pretty clear to me that they are not necessary.

    I dont think prizes are necessary; we never had any prizes in our contests here, its for the fun.
    As long as their isnt any rule which says you have to make them yourself then you are most definitely allowed to use the models of others.
  6. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    There are no rules about balance, but I bet a very over-the-top hero will not get as many votes in the poll as a carefully thought-one one hero... but that's just me. It's the popular opinion that matters. So maybe it will...

    See the previous point.

    There is no need for a demo map. Your submission must only contain all the text data and the icons + a picture of the hero.

    You don't "get" a hero into a word document, you have to create a hero (as in theorycraft - write) and attach the necessary artwork.

    There is no need to use a custom model. But you can, if you want to.

    That was a typo and is now fixed.

    See my first answer.

    Haters gonna hate...

    Working on it.

    There is no need to create them yourself.
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  7. death_knight

    death_knight Dark is the heart of a corrupted man.

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    Thanks for the answers and fixes. And it's not a case of "Haters gonna hate...", it's just bad English
  8. Juno**

    Juno** Member

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    I was pretty interested in the contest when I saw the shoutout in THW, but I was disappointed when I read that it's supposed to be sent by email and have to be in a .docx.. I think that's pretty inconvenient. Is there no other way we could submit our heroes within the site?
  9. KaerfNomekop

    KaerfNomekop Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.

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    Inbox? Though I don't think you can attach files yet, so the textwall would be the message itself.
  10. Andrewgosu

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    I'll add a rule that one can submit via this site's personal message system (PM directed to me) using a .zip file (I don't think you can attach a .doc file).

    It's a little bit inconvenient to submit still but it serves a greater purpose.
  11. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

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    wait, so do you actually need to make a hero on a functioning map, or just the idea/background/description/etc.?
  12. DrEvil

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    "theorycraft" Warcraft 3 hero creation contest
    If you clicked the link to the previous theorycraft creation contest, you would realise it's the latter.
  13. Juno**

    Juno** Member

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    Hmm... The given time is more than enough to create a hero so I guess I'll be joining. Now, all I'm hoping for is that I remember to make an entry. xD

    I'll try my best to send my entry via email but if I can't, I'll just PM you a DL link if that's fine? Maybe from dropbox or google drive?
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  14. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Download link is fine, also, as long as the link is forwarded to me privately.
  15. seph ir oth

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    Oh lawdy I remember doing the tower defense one and being so sad cuz I would have won if I included documentation ... but alas! 0/10 on that :(

    I would love to do this ... is there a set theme?
  16. KaerfNomekop

    KaerfNomekop Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.

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    After some re-reading, a thought came into my mind - maybe it would be better to reserve your personal grading of the heroes until after the community votes? Otherwise it might influence voters to either root for the underdogs or put their support on the apparent victor.
  17. seph ir oth

    seph ir oth Mod'n Dat News Jon Staff Member

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    Agreed. In fact, you should probably do your own personal vote first, THEN do the public poll, that way you yourself do not get affected by other's opinions!
  18. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    I think points 2-4 say just that - I will grade all the heroes before the actual poll. I will then reveal the said grading without the actual names of contestants. I will reveal exactly who got exactly how many points after the poll has ended.

    And no, there is no set theme. It's up to you.
  19. KaerfNomekop

    KaerfNomekop Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.

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    But you'll be telling us the gradings of the heroes themselves, and that's what I'm worried will affect the poll.
  20. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    No, no. I will not reveal the names of heroes as well - it would be pointless to keep the author names secret in the first place then. To be very clear, follow this thought process:

    1.I will grade all the heroes (lets say there are 5 submissions - only I will know who made what hero)
    2.I will post my grading results in the following fashion (no names mentioned):
    • 1st place - 28 points
    • 2nd place - 27 points
    • 3rd place - 25 points
    • 4th place - 22 points
    • 5th place - 17 points
    3.I will then create the poll with the hero names (the authors behind the heroes are still anonymous meaning the public doesn't still know exactly which hero got how many points from me) for the public voting
    4.After the poll has ended I will:
    • a) tally the points from the public voting
    • b) reveal the total score with all the data incl. author names and more detailed explanation behind my grading (which I have written before the polling)
    I hope everything is now clear. The public poll will not affect my grading in any way because I will have done the grading before publishing the poll. In addition, my revealed grading cannot affect the public poll because the public cannot possibly know which hero got exactly how many points.
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