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Name: War between Poison
Genre:Altered melee
Players: 6
Size: small
Tileset: Cityscape

Little description: this is ver 0.7 because 0.1-0.6 wre tests....


  • the war between poison 0.7.w3x
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The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai
Name: The Last Samurai
Genre: Meele
Suggested Players: 6 - 8
Size: Small
Tileset: Lorderon Summer
Description: The Samurai attempt to withstand the new modern Japanese army for thirty minutes, while the japanese must destroy the Samurai's gate that holds there family's of women and children.

The Last Samurai: (8)The Last Samurai 2.4.w3x


Name: War between Fire
Genre:Altered Melee
Suggested Players: 2-6
Description: A war in the past between fire


New map: Murmix Chess

Name: Murmix Chess v.1.16
Genre: Chess
Suggested Players: 2 players and up to 7 observers that can jump in later
Size: tiny
Tileset: Cityscape
Description: The classic game of chess, now in Warcraft.


  • murmixchess116.w3m
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Name: HeroBattleRoyal
Genre: Hero Arena
Suggested players: ....erm about 6-12 i guess

Basically its a map where you pick a hero and start with 10 lives, the terrain i have used for this is a blizzard one tho, lol. For which im not taking credit for, ive done all triggs and units on my own. Anyways back to the description.....erm there is a timer which at the end of 15 mins the people who havnt lost all of their lives win. There is also a campin preventer, where basically if players dont have 2kills by 4mins then they lose. There are shops dotted around the map from which you buy stuff with the money you got from killing ppl. erm what else, ........enjoy!


  • herobattleroyal v1.5beta-protected.w3m
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I have also made this map, didnt take long and ive taken some of the stuff from ninja v samurai, but im hoping this map will b a hit once i have added sum stuff

Name: NinjaBattleRoyal
Genre: Hero Arena
Suggested players: 6-12

I highly suggest this be played online because altho i have not tyred it myself i am confident it will be realy fun. the terrain and triggs by ME :D , enjoy!


  • ninjabattleroyal v.1beta.w3x
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name: City RPG
Genre: custom
Suggested players: 2-10
tileset: Cityscape
Version: 1.1
Size: large

you are in a large city that is surrounded by many differnet things. creeps are every where not leting anyone through their lands. there are many other places besideds just a city. there is a huge market place where you can buy many differnt things and there are gambiling type games there too. there is a village and a place where you can fight 5 levels of creeps to win a prize. you can be the mayor of the city, the blacksmith, the police, the banker and the mayor of the village.

have fun!!!!

This is a new version i am working on v1.2 now.

plz report any erros to me by pms.



  • city rpg v1.1.w3x
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Name- Orge's Marshland
Genre- Melee
Players- 1vs1 Small
Description- My first map ever good map making people download and tell me if it has potential, i had trouble at first but now i get the whole bull#$%^ concepts of the editor, thank you please post/email me some feed back.


  • ogres marshland.w3x
    63.3 KB · Views: 371


Name- Scarce Substance
Genre- Melee
Players- 1vs1 2vs2 or FFA
Version- 1.1
Description- The first map was bogus and needed to be tweaked, now that i'm familiar with the general editors in the map, its time to move onto the custom maaps and triggers.


  • scarce substance.w3x
    103.2 KB · Views: 374

Deviant Sin

Leggionare Tactics

Name: Leggionare Tactics
Genre: Footman wars-lke map
Players: 4 suggested
Version: .25 PRDemo
- Choose a Race; Human (Orc, Night Elf and Undead are Disabled for Demo)
- Choose a Hero; Paladin (Mountain King, Archbishop and Bloodmage disabled for Demo)
- Select your starting Unit; Squire or Rifleman (You only start with 300 gold and these are the units you can afford)
- Use your hero to Kill Creeps in the 'Creep Zones', gaining gold which allows you to summon more units per spawn.
- Your units are directly linked to your Hero through his level, If he gains a level they gain a Health bonus and Damage Bonus. Watch it though, The creeps level along side your Hero. Keeping it from being too easy.

- Testing shows that this map is not for bleak-minded individuals and should be played by those with a sense of tactical advantage, understanding and appretiative nature. :D

- Map has been removed until update is finished.


Name: Hero Tug of War
Genre: Hero Defense
Suggested Players: 6 - 10
Size: 32 X 256
Tileset: Dungeon
Description: The legendary heros of Warcraft have descended into the Dungeon to fight it out in a Hero Defense style war.


name: warcraft card game
genre: mini-game
suggested players: 6 ffa or 5 v 5
size: small
tileset: lordarean summer
description: every 20 seconds you get a card, which is of a monster which you can play or save. when a card is destroyed it has a chance to drag the person who played it down with them.

this is the version which is kinda small, in the respect that there are only 25 cards and all monsters. the new one will have a new game mode and more cards plus spells (itll be done as soon as someone replies to my reverse leaderboard thread)

edit: yay the new version is finally done
edit 2: a few bug fixes including the leaderboard on lifeline mode


  • card game 2 (1.02).w3x
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Name: Labyrinth of Wonders
Genre: Maze
Suggested Players: 4-10
Size: Small (64x64)
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Description: You are stranded on a small island inhabited by some unusual beings. You must stick to the path and escape your fate before you are all consumed in the tides of quicksand!

edit: it is now ready! I cannot host it which is one reason i have put it up :eek:
edit2: getting xp on a seperate connection soon, might finally get the chance to host maps myself. I might remove this attachment.

(New version added now.)


  • Labyrinth of Wonders.w3x
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Fate's Choice

Name: Fate's Choice
Genre: Single player RPG
Suggested Players: 1
Size: There are 3 maps; 2 are huge, and the other is tiny
Expansion Required: Yes
Tileset: Custom
Description: You play as a human on a quest of fate. There are 3 maps (I've finally figured out how to link them). One is the Light World, which is a good and prosporus world, with few law breakers, and kind people. Your charcter (whom you get to name) has grown up in this world. When you get to a certain amount of completed quests (basically all optional) a portal will open allowing you to travel to the nexus. The Nexus is a stormy land, between life and death. There are two portals in the Nexus; one back to the light world, and one to the shadow world. The shadow world is it's lighter brother's counter part, except everything is dark and evil and gloomy. There is no law in shadow world so anything can happen.
As you play the game, depending on the choices you make, you can become good or evil. EG killing an innocent will result in +20 evil points
You can also gain status. The more quests you do the more status you'll get. You start with the the Status : Unknown, and can progress all the way up to the top : Legendary. The more status you have, the more places and items will become available to you.
Also, you can get a job in either world. You will get paid everyday . If you fail to do your job, you will lose it.
Thats about it, seeing as my hand is starting to hurt. Thanks to everyone here at who gave me advice on things to go into my map.


8 yrs. Hell, it's been a long time.
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Name: King of the Mountain
Genre: Team vs. Team Seige
Suggested Players: 4v4 or 5v5
Size: Large - 196x196
Tileset: Ashenvale with some custom tiles
Version: 3.22d

King of the Mountain is a seige map, but unlike most, there are two teams, an attacker team and a defender team. The defenders have a (abnormally large) king that they must protect for 40 minutes, while the attackers must kill him within the time limit.

Balanced map between units and heroes. It is not a map where one hero will kill 10+ units by itself. It is similar to melee in a way that units can take down a hero fairly easily, but with proper micro-management, a hero can turn the tide of battle.

Although a full house (5v5) or 4v4 is recommended, if a player leaves or it is uneven teams, the game automatically balances experience and gold.

About 160 custom units
About 180 custom abilities
24 custom heroes
Huge mountain terrain


Was my first map I ever made, created about a year ago. A month ago I decided to fix a few errors and add a few new things to have a little "rebirth" of the map. Although its a very simple map, the gameplay is enjoyable.

High Quality
Low Quality

Download: King of the Mountain 3.22d
(684 kilobytes) - too big to attach

EDIT: If you want an unprotected version, just ask and I'll email it to you. It's protected so newbies don't fake it, but mostly because of the reduced filesize and optimization in loading time.


Name: Tournament Dodgeball
Genre: Arena
Suggested Players: 6 - 12
Size: Tiny

Description: 2 teams of up to 6 players duel to the death by throwing balls at each other. Get hit by a ball and your dead. A vote decides if there will be 1 - 10 rounds of play and also if there will be random items spawned during the game.

Loading Screen:
- Tournament Mode! vote for how many rounds to play.
- Random Item Spawn mode. (creates items on the board)
- All players are the same as of now; they just look different.
- Use your unit abilities to grab and throw balls at the enemy.
- You have reincarnation to survive a hit from a ball. Reincarnation has a cooldown of about 2 minutes.
Tournament Dodgeball mod by: Draenei@Lordaeron
Orginal Dodgeball by: Clan Evangelism@Azeroth


  • Dodgeball~Tournament.w3x
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DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
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Name: The Path
Point: There really isn't any! :D It's a fun little map to make you laugh. Play it to see what I mean. Also, if you want, check out the triggers. They're pretty simple.

"There's a difference between knowing the path...And walking the path"


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Red vs Blue Tower Defence!

Name: Red vs Blue TD
Genre: TD
Suggested Players: 1 - 9
Size: Medium
Tileset: Tropical
Description: Based on Rooster Teeths RedvsBlue internet show, this TD comes with some new features. Me (hobo218) and RastaMon should be releasing an official beta version sometime in the next 2 months, but w/ summer coming up and trips, one never knows.


Name: Snipers Elite
Genre: CTF
Suggested Players: 5v5 or 6v6
Size: Medium
Tileset: Ashenvale
Current version: 1.15

This map is a capture the flag type of map. There are 2 teams, red and blue. The objective is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to your own to score a point. The team with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

To shoot you have to press the attack ground button then click where you want to shoot. So you will need more skill then simply pressing A and clicking on the ground.

There are 2 secrets in the map, try to find them. 1 is extremely easy to find, actually it will find you.

If you got a suggestion or found a bug email me at [email protected].

You can download the map here.


Memory Lapse
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Name: Best Cafe's the Hunt
Genre: RPG&Offence&Arena
Suggested players:2-8
Map Size: Small
Features: If people like the style and heroes, a big RPG map will constructed from its skeleton.
Description: A greate demon Called Ulmara is testing some souls to find itself a new commander. Your soul has been selected for this action. Select a body Kill creeps to get ready to find with your opponents. If you can rescue from 3 Boss levels then you will succeed to be what your fate says...

Map size is too big to attach here try out:
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