Tutorial How to Extract all the default Dota 2 files

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    In this tutorial, we will do something very important, as the extracting of the default Dota 2 files is an important learning process: after all, they will teach you what to do.

    Before we begin, make sure you have GCFScape installed. If not, this is where you get it.

    Here is what to do.

    1. Find the files. They are located at Steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/pak01_dir.vpk
    pak01_dir location.jpg

    2. Open it with GCFScape.

    3. Navigate to scripts/npc, and extract everything you see in there to a folder of your choice.

    4. Navigate to resource/flash3/images/items as well as resource/flash3/images/spellicons and extract the content of both folders to a destination of your choice. These are spell icons, and item icons, very useful to work with.


    5. Open the npc_abilities.txt, npc_heroes.txt, npc_units.txt, and items.txt files into your favorite Text Editor.
    You're done! When in doubt over an ability's name, or item's name, refer to the default files!

    The icons are .png files so, quite easy to open and edit!
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