How to make unit from scratch...?


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The data editor's so confusing... like if you create a unit, it's just blank. What are you supposed to do to actually make a unit...?


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You need to give the unit an Actor - just do Add Object (or Duplicate) on the Actor used by your base unit, and Copy Settings From (if you used Add) the actor which your base unit is using.

After that, check the fields to make sure they are set up correctly (e.g. the Token field at the top will link the actor to your unit), and keep an eye on Events, and model-related fields - these have a nasty habit of changing the modelfile (and animation names) to CustomUnitName rather than pulling them from the source actor, and the Events may still link back to your base unit (so, if there is any Actor Event related to your base unit, just change the Source Name for that particular event to your new unit's name/ID)
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