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I have question, this is for a story of mine; you see, there's this lovely good couple that had a daughter. The mother is a goddess and the farther is half immortal(not a god, meaning he's half *immortal*, but not a god - eg; an elven Goddess and some male elf(That's actually the beings of my *made-up* couple!)).

What do you call the offspring in terms of what it *is*? Is it called a "Demigod" or something else? I'd put down *Demigod* but the definition of a Demigod is that the offspring is born from a god/goddess and a mortal being; but this one is not of a mortal being but rather an "immortal" being....what word is used in this situation?

Any suggestions/help on this topic will be appreciated! :)



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You could use the word "demigod" in a broader context in your own story. Define it as it suits you. Or make up a new word.

You might find The Writer's Corner sub-forum useful, if you're writing.


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Thanks, sorry for not getting back to ya'll....I must have not been checking up on this thread....but just got an email now and and just went through all my posts............................


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How'd the story turn out? :)
Ahh, it turned out to be rather shorter than expected....I don't think I finished because I had other things needing to be done and I guess I must have forgotten about it and I can't find my draft anywhere either.............must of trashed it whilst cleaning my room up....but I do remember it being like only a page or two long....

Oh well, I'm writing up another story, this time something different or at least I intend to finish it unlike the others I've started..... This one I will try *not* to trash away or and forget about it, but since no human is perfect I probably will....but I'll try to finish it before either of those happen....

This one's actually quite interesting as I have written down some inspirations from various shows(movies, animes, cartoons, video games) and universes I've seen/read about. Here's the current list on paper in no particular order except I guess in order of additions(so #1 would be the first I wrote down, then #2, etc.):

  1. Freezing anime series
  2. DragonBall anime series (so that includes the original DragonBall, DragonBall Z, GT and I guess SUPER - but I haven't watched the SUPER yet...)
  3. Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit movies
  4. He-Man & The Masters of The Universe series
  5. Star Wars universe
  6. WarCraft video game series
  7. DC & Marvel universes (so I guess this covers everything DC and Marvel related)
  8. Claymore anime series
  9. StarCraft video game series
  10. Diablo video game series
  11. Halo video game series
  12. No Game No Life anime series
  13. Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? (yes that is the actual title, pretty long, isn't it? :p)
More will be added if I know anymore that has something in the series that I could borrow, and of course remember to update this list on this forum...heh. But yeah, these are some inspirations I shall borrow elements from to make my story...of course I will give credits to them for borrowing some stuff, once I finish the story up as a final piece...

The premise of this story is that we are following a celestial being with he's life starting sometime before we had scientists who've discovered that there is a universe beyond planet Earth. I will probably need to look this up on an exact or an estimate if there's no exact date when the first human first discovered that Earth is not alone and that there are other planets about and stuff...as I try to be as factual as possible before going fictional if factual doesn't exist. So kinda like how Star Trek is factual and Star Wars is fictional because apparently there are some inconsistency or so I've read... I haven't watched Star Trek or any episodes(which is why it's not on the inspirations list), so I don't know what Star Trek is like, and Star Wars is apparently very similar, the only difference is as mentioned - one is factual and one is fictional.

I'm not sure if any of you guys watched, played or know any of those inspirations, but doesn't this sound like it's gonna be an epic piece!? :cool: Could even blow Tolkien's world away I reckon(or any other author's of equivalence), IF I do it right.... But I suppose someone's probably already done this before and I'm not the first....heh...

I've already started it a bit if any of you guys are interested in reading the starting bits...haven't gotten any further than that, due to you know, other things.... Of course my English isn't the best or perfect so I might have some grammar or spelling mistakes.....:oops::p Perhaps this thread could be my motivation(like you know, keep bumping the thread and squeezing me) to finish the story rather than leave part way and never to see it again like the other ones I've done! hahaha
Nevermind, I'll keep to myself...

... how often you check your email?
Usually I would check every day. But since life has gotten busier now that I have an ever increasing backlog of things to do, it's now like maybe a couple of days a week, sometimes even once a fortnight or longer.....and of course there are times where I check and read up and intending to come back and then completely forget about it and this forum was one of them.....but I try to check everyday though! ;)
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Haha, I just thought it was funny, like five years later.
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