Crime Japanese authorities want Studio Ghibli Park theme park to crack down on visitors taking lewd selfies with character statues


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Japanese authorities have vowed to take action following reports that visitors to a theme park showcasing scenes from beloved animated films have been taking indecent photographs of themselves with statues of the characters.

In February, photos were posted to social media showing men “pretending to sexually assault young female characters” in Ghibli Park, Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper reported.

Ghibli Park is a theme park dedicated to the work of popular animation company Studio Ghibli, such as Academy Award-winning “Spirited Away,” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” It is located in Aichi prefecture, less than an hour from Kyoto by train.

“Frankly speaking, posting photos like that on social media is very inappropriate. From adults to children, people go to Ghibli Park to enter the Ghibli world and enjoy themselves,” Hideaki Ōmura, governor of Aichi Prefecture, told a press conference Thursday.

“Clearly this action disturbed many people,” he said, adding that his team has told park management that “they need to firmly stop such actions once spotted and confirmed.”

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