JASS problem


Hello im learning JASS and I got a problem.Everytime I create a trigger and convert it to a custom text and I test map,it don't work and it show me this :
please help me.


Try taking out the space between the CreateTrigger( )

Make it like


If that doesn't solve the problem then that is some weird stuff that I have never seen.


Is known to say things. That is all.
Don't use the TESH check syntax button.

Save the map first and then use test map. Otherwise just circumvent the problem by replacing
set gg_trg_Melee_Initialization...
and replace all 'gg_trg_Melee_Initialization' with 't'.


That problem is corrected but now there is a error here :

function Trig_Melee_Initialization_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    call MeleeStartingVisibility(  )
    call MeleeStartingHeroLimit(  )
    call MeleeGrantHeroItems(  )
    call MeleeStartingResources(  )
    call MeleeClearExcessUnits(  )
    call MeleeStartingUnits(  )
    call MeleeStartingAI(  )
    call MeleeInitVictoryDefeat(  )

function InitTrig_Melee_Initialization takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger())
    call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Melee_Initialization, function Trig_Melee_Initialization_Actions )

The probelm is now in call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Melee_Initialization, function Trig_Melee_Initialization_Actions )


This was an error a correct before but the problem is in call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Melee_Initialization, function Trig_Melee_Initialization_Actions )
endfunction.It tell that the variable gg_trg_Melee_Initialization do not exist.


The Silent Pandaren Helper
Staff member
As Chocobo already stated, you have an extra paranthesis (marked with red) which has to be removed.

function InitTrig_Melee_Initialization takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]t[/COLOR][/B] = CreateTrigger()[B][COLOR="Red"])[/COLOR][/B]
    call TriggerAddAction( [B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]gg_trg_Melee_Initialization[/COLOR][/B], function Trig_Melee_Initialization_Actions )
In addition, like wraithseeker told you, you need to replace the "gg_trg_Melee_Initialization" variable (marked with blue)
with the newly declared one, "t" (marked in green), in order to add the actions to the trigger.

P.S, Hero,

Empty space does not matter, meaning,

call CreateTrigger()
call CreateTrigger(    )
call     CreateTrigger      ()
are all the same.
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