[Java] Pokémon Walking algorithm

UPDATE: v0.10.1 HOTFIX is released, addressing the following:

  • Level Editor was rendering too much. Fixed the issue by making it render first, rather than last. Cuts down CPU fan from spinning so loudly.

v0.10.0 is now released.

  • Fixed bug where the trigger data set in the level editor becomes corrupted with Eraser triggers placed in the wrong spot upon opening area maps.
  • Added Characters/NPCs support.
  • Added player <-> NPC collision detection and response.
  • Added player <-> NPC interactions.
  • Added Characters/NPC scripting support. You can now script dialogues with the NPCs, and control the player.
    • No NPC scripted movements yet.
  • Added Characters/NPCs auto-walking functionality.
  • Rewrote the storing/loading game data structure mechanism in the game engine and level editor.
  • Refactored a bunch of codes.
  • Fixed NPC tile grid misalignment issue caused by abnormal collision responses via player interaction.
  • Fixed NPC interactions causing soft-locking.
  • Fixed Bicycle key item not registering in the game.
  • Condensed editor data a bit for NPC, Obstacle, and Item data.
  • Fixed script editor crashing when opening an existing script file and not updating the text fields.
  • Changed "walking" to "game" for this and subsequent releases. It's now slowly turning into a game.


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  • game_v0.10.2.zip
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Is this going to be a full game now?
It's not ready to be a full game. There are no battle mechanics, and no story plot objectives. There are quite a lot mechanics that aren't implemented yet.
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    This drink recipe I have had more than a few times back in the day! Mind Eraser https://www.thehelper.net/threads/cocktail-mind-eraser.194720/

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