Left-turn Accident, advice please?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JerseyFoo, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I'm Just kinda curious, how's it going so far?
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    It's actually pretty open and shut if you get a good lawyer; It's pitch black night and someone's driving around without their headlights on? The other driver essentially caused the entire accident right there. That's a dangerous dangerous idea and is against the law; You can't drive without your headlights on at night in Jersey. You can get pulled over for it and God forbid they go out and you get caught with them not operational. That is a bag of worms you do not want to stick your hand in.

    A good lawyer will know to question the police officer on the skid marks. If the police officer is stupid or a douche and tries to say he didn't notice or didn't look, a good lawyer will use this statement in order to make the police officer look incompetent and his testimony look shaky, if not outright unreliable.

    Those videos are solid proof, plus the other driver's statement that he WAS NOT LOOKING AT THE ROAD IN THE FIRST PLACE! This is a number of different fines and whatnot rolled into one... Reckless endangerment. I think there's something you can bring up where the car is considered a weapon, too. The other driver's a real idiot to confess he wasn't watching the road and the videos showing that he had his lights off are just icing on the cake. If your insurance company can't find these obvious reasons to get HIM to pay for it, take it to court and whoop his ass.

    No worries, kid. No worries.
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    necro bump - I wanna hear how this ended?
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    Yeah, I'm still curious about this too. but he doesn't tell us anything. :mad:
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    Bumping for great justice!

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