LOL - A hacking maps thread turns into a Blueberry muffin discussion?

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by XXXconanXXX, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. XXXconanXXX

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    Now, this is hilarious. I'm still cracking up at this one.

    A person on the forums was asking how to unprotect maps (Odd, I know him, he's on my friends list on US East) and the peopl there started flaming him (Obviously). Anyways Flamesoldier started talking about Blueberry muffins, and the whole conversation went from "How do I hack maps" to "Muffins of the Bluebery variety". Flamesoldier also has a websit4e about muffins. :)

    Now, the moron who started the thread started saying that he should be the cheiftain of the clan becuase he started the thread.

    Read the thread here ^^

    On an off topic note, Shofet and Vexorian have been at eachother's throats, and it's rather fun to watch. In the end, Vexorian will always win.


    (J'.')J <--Tis is Shofet
    L('.'L) <--Tis is Vexorian

    (J'.')J L('.'L)

    (J'.')J --('.'L) "WAPOO!!111!!1one!1!one" lolol

    (J'.')|--('.'L) "Oh no! A SHEILD!"

    (J'.')J <==('.'L) "SUPER ROCKET SPEAR PUNCH!!!111!"

    (x.x) ^(^.^)^ "W00T W00T |\/|3 73|-| 1337327!!!111!!one!1!one"

    \/3><0(||/\|\| 73|-| 1337327 09 j00!!!11one!1!one111!!

    <(^.^)> <---A persocom

    We need to think about what FlameSoldier said, maybe a Blueberry Muffins clan is in order?

    | 4|\/\ c0||\|c 70 27497 74||\|c ||\| 1337 790|\/| |\|0\/\/ 0|\| 909 | 4|\/| 73|-| 1337327 /\90|_||\||)

    "I am going to start talking in leet from now on for I am teh leetest around."
  2. Rinpun

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    "We're getting off topic here, guys. Back to those blueberry muffins."

  3. unnamed

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    Is this clan in US east? :)
    I like blueberry muffins too.
    Can i join?
  4. DM Cross

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    ...Three words:



  5. BrokenX

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    LIES! ALL LIES, its conans army preparing for domination, don't let him fool you! He's making a mass amount of army and coming to kill all of us! BEWARE ! The sprinkled ones are CUTE! AH ?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!

  6. Darg

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    *Darg advises BrokenX to drink less red cordial*

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