Map: Footmen [US]


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Overview of the Map. Looks boring? Wait until you played it....

Footmen has been one of the TOP10 mods @ EU ever since it got released in September 2010.
Now it is available @ NA server, so what are you wainting for?

Footmen [US] by SKC
About the map:
Footmen is a 3v3v3v3 autospawning map with heroes. It is inspired by "Footmen Frenzy" from WarCraft 3. The basic gameplay is quite similar to maps like "Marine Arena" or "Zealot Frenzy". Every player got a main building, which spawns units permanently. Additionally, every player gets a hero. Killing enemy units / heroes gives you EXP & money which you can use to upgrade your main building to spawn better units, buy new weapons, armors or other stuff for your hero, buy special units to support your army or many other things.Your hero will level up by getting EXP which allows him to lean skills and become stronger and stronger. You also can set the heroes attribute points (agility, strength, intelligence) to turn him rather into an assassin, a tank or a spell caster.
Footmen allows a large variety of play-styles.
You may go rather unit focussed or hero-based, you can turn your hero into a fast assassin to snipe enemy heroes or a devastating killing machine with a rocket launcher to rip enemy armies within seconds. You can build a mobile, fast army or a slow but stong one. There lots of different weapons, items and special units to support your play-style, even some secret items and hidden units can be found.
Players also get experience by playing & winning Footmen games to unlock special features when you reach higher levels.

some poor marines get grilled in a Psi Storm

- 21 different basic tier-spawning unit types
- more then 10 unique heroes with powerful spells and abilities
- many devastating wepons for you hero such as the Flamethrower, the Super Grenade Launcher or the Acid Launcher
- armors, accessories and many other items for your hero
- special units to support you army
- secret items & units
- experience based leveling system for the players to unlock special units, items and gimmicks

some poor marines get grilled by a Chain Lightning spell

The map has always been developing ever since it got released almost a year ago and there has been added tons of new stuff, such as new heroes, items or units. Also as lot of balancing has been applied. Of course the map will be worked on in the future, too. As long as someone plays it, ill keep working on it and add new stuff, balance, or do, whatever it takes to make it even better.

So, have a try, the Map is called "Footmen [US]" (author: SKCZ)

Fire Storm, another way to grill marines

two armies fightning each other

please, god, let this guy be afk just for another 5 sec

this is where you buy you weapons; we have anything you desire, grenade or rocket launcher, shotgun or laser canon, what's it gonna be?

that unluck guy must have missed the white dotted line indicating the siege tank range

a Reaper Storm Squad getting dealt with

LetsPlay by some guy on youtube


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First of all, welcome to TheHelper.

It's great to see some of the more popular Warcraft 3 maps getting remade for Starcraft 2. I think I've actually played your maps a couple of times.

Also, that's some nice icons you got there. I don't recall seeing them in the editor. Were they made by you or someone in your team? They look very good.


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I got them from different sources. Some of them Are from Warcraft 3, some are from WOW, some i took from different Icon Sets from
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