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    Medieval Knights IV
    By Accname​
    This is the fourth and final installment of my Medieval Knights map series. (of which I havent published all)​
    Medieval Knights has always been an RTS map with heavy focus on (more or less) realistic combat and base construction, as well as army composition and positioning.​
    I started working on this map exactly 3 days ago and I worked for, probably about 12 hours on it. Its not final yet, but its playable.​
    • Customized resource gathering:
      • Gold can be gathered at villages which need to be conquered.
      • You can invest gold at the market to get more gold back later.
      • Gold can be exchanged for Lumber.
      • Lumber can be harvested from rocks, trees and farms which you can build.
    • Customized base construction:
      • There are fixed towns with indestructible walls around them.
      • Each town has room for 16 buildings.
      • Each town can have up to 3 gates which can be opened and closed at your will.
      • Military buildings and farms can be build outside of town.
    • Balanced and specialized combat units:
      • Archers can miss moving targets or hit a different unit if several are moving close together.
      • Archers deal very little damage to structures.
      • Cavalry is faster then all other units but less powerful.
      • Catapults need to set up before they can attack. While set up they can not move.
    • Air travel via zeppelin.
    • Sea travel via transport ships.
    • When a player is defeated he becomes allied with the opponent who destroyed his last town. The defeated player gets to play a hero and has no longer the chance to conquer a town for himself.

    (A medium sized town with some units stationed inside.)​
    (A neutral village. A village can be conquered to collect gold from it)​
    (Farmland: Farms can produce crops which can be harvested for lumber.)​
    • Kitabatake:
      • Current catapult model
      • House model
    • Ultimata:
      • Goblin Laboratory model with animations
      • Mercenary model with animations
      • Tavern model with animations
    • MassiveMaster:
      • Fortification Wall model
      • Fortification Wall Outer Edge model
      • Fortification Tower model

    • Version 1.1
      • Changed tooltips of various units.
      • Fixed blight in towns which were bugged.
    • Version 1.2
      • Decreased catapult attack power.
      • Increased building defense against normal attacks.
      • Removed Shop.
      • Added Warlord Hideout.
    • Version 1.3
      • Changed tooltip of Trebuchet
      • Walls have been added to the town construction.
      • Debris that is being upgraded into other buildings can now be attacked.
    • Version 1.4
      • Fixed hotkeys and tooltips of siege units.
      • Fixed a bug with gates and walls not belonging to the right player.
      • Some minor visual fixes.
      • Some changes to collision sizes. (workers smaller / horseback units bigger)
    • Version 1.5
      • 2 villages which were previously missing on the map were added.
      • A village has been moved slightly to balance the positions more.
      • Villages now have a maximum of 1500 gold instead of 500.
      • Villages do NO longer respawn. If a village is gone, it is permanently removed from the game.
      • Villages heal allied units around them twice as fast now.
      • Towns can now be destroyed permanently.
      • Warlords now start with 100 mana.
      • All items do now need mana to be used.
      • All items now have a cooldown of 0.25.
      • Warlords will now get 50 mana and 100 hitpoints per level up.
      • Warlords do now get +10 food capacity per level up.
      • Warlord experience rates customized.
      • Regeneration item now heals 250 hitpoints instead of 500.
      • Warlord Hideouts can now train builders.
    • Version 1.6
      • Changed some ability hotkeys and tooltips.
      • Changed some unit costs.
      • Changed the spies invisibility cooldown duration from 3.0 to 1.0 seconds.
      • Forges can now be build since tech-level 1.
      • Changed the duration of upgrades.
      • Builders can now gather lumber.
      • Some visual and balance improvements on the terrain.
      • Changed model of watchtower to differentiate it from scout towers.
      • Town buildings which get damaged below 25% of their max health will become neutral if the townhall has been destroyed.
    • Version 1.7
      • Added an island with a village in the center of the lake.
      • Some terrain improvements.
      • Added wizard ability "Sky Strike", an AoE DoT ability.
      • Added pikeman ability "Defensive Stance" which slows down their movement speed but increases their hitpoints.
      • Knights will dismount now (and become swordman) when their hitpoints go below 25%.
      • Changed unit priorities.
      • Added information about attack and armor types.
      • Added custom model for trebuchet.
      • Added custom model for zeppelin.
      • Added custom model for sorceress.
    • Version 1.8
      • Fixed lumber collection rate of unupgraded workers. (was incorrectly 8 instead of 6)
      • Now you only need 12 small investments to reach medium level in the marketplace.
      • Now you only need 12 medium investments to reach high level in the marketplace.
      • Builders can now attack trees and rocks to destroy them immediately.
      • Minor changes to combat system.
      • Minor visual changes to the terrain.
      • Neutral hostile town buildings can no longer be taken over.
      • Added new unit "Barbarian". Barbarian can be trained only by warlords.
      • Warlord hideout can no longer train combat units.
      • Healers can now place sentry wards.
      • Changed hotkey for protection ability from healer. (Was 'D' is now 'V')
    • Version 1.9
      • Warlords can no longer build Barracks
      • Mana Well replenishes less mana per use and costs more mana per unit
      • Healers and Wizards regenerate mana slower now
      • Raiders have less hitpoints
      • Siege attack of Raiders does not benefit from upgrades anymore
      • Normal attack of Raiders benefits double from upgrades
      • Reveal from the laboratory costs more gold per use now
      • Increased missle speed of towers
      • Some tooltips have been fixed
      • Some bug fixes with the town system

    Comments criticism and testing is very much appreciated.

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  2. Varine

    Varine And as the moon rises, we shall prepare for war

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    Do people even play WC still? Like, I'm not being condescending, I really want to know if anyone is ever online on there still.
  3. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Yes. Thousands are online every day, at least here in europe, I dont know how it looks anywhere else.
    I, however, dont play it anymore for a long time. But I still enjoy working on wc3 maps because its fast and accessible. You can just play wc3 with friends on a lan party for example.

    And there is still plenty of people active on TheHiveWorkshop!
  4. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    I do, I still playing WarCraft 3, though never play it on-line nor LAN...
    Single player feels really good...

    Is it have AI...?
  5. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Not quite. There is hostile bandits which inhabit neutral towns, but they do not have any "advanced" AI.
  6. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    So, it's more like a neutral hostile...?
  7. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    More or less.
    They just patrol neutral towns, upgrade a few buildings every now and then and make it harder for players to take over neutral towns.

    Because otherwise players could simply sent a lone worker to a neutral town to take it over. This would be little bit too easy.
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  8. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Hmm, your maps are getting more real than original melee maps...
    That's awesome... Does your maps have selectable races...? Or its just human race that will played...?
  9. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Theres only humans in this map.
    I was thinking about adding different "races" of humans, giving players the options of picking special units and upgrades, but I didnt implement it in the end because there was too little community interest in the project.

    I had a much bigger thread about this project on TheHiveWorkshop.
  10. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Comments will arrive later, need to play it first for more understanding...:)
  11. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Hmm, the whole game was really awesome, I really like it though there's no strong resistance from the neutral hostile forces...:)

    But, you miss something that really very importantly essential from this game...
    Where's the hero...? You can't win any battles without heroes, even it just one, there's heroes in every battle...

    Edit: The Investments Mode in the Market is really good by the way, but since it only open the Next Investments Level after 25 of Previous Investments, I think it most likely as a long-term investments...
  12. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    There are heroes.
    If a player gets eliminated by an other player (all his towns are destroyed) he will become a warlord. A warlord is a powerful hero unit.
    You can also destroy your own towns which will make you a rogue warlord without being allied to any other player.

    The neutral hostile units by the way are not meant to be much of a resistence, they should only be a nuisance and make it slightly harder to take over neutral towns.

    The market place is meant as a late game economy. You have to do the small investments in the early game, these will not net you much, but if you did, you will get much more gold in the late game. It will pay off economy focused play.
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  13. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    In other words to get heroes in single player I have to start my own trouble to call my savior...? Awsome, how realistic...:D

    I really like the Marketplace, but waiting until 25 transaction of previous Investments level to get the new one was a very very long time... When you made this map, did you know that the player at least need 175 minutes to open the latest Investments Level...? That's take too much time, especially there's no heroes...

    But, overall I really appreciate your work, I never seen anyone who has this kind of idea before, keep it up, this going to be great if its played by multiplayer...

    Edit: I really like the gate, unfortunately it cannot be automatically opening/closing when the owner units getting closer/further to/from the gate, but it was cool, I'd try to make it once but I give up since I never think to used upgrade to opening/closing the gate...
  14. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    @about the market:
    Maybe I will make them slightly faster. I just dont want to make the investments too powerful since they are an easy way of income. In the end players will not take over villages anymore, that would not be like I intended it to be.
    Besides, you can have several market places at once. This way you can cut down the time substantially.

    Maybe I just lower the number of investments you have to complete.

    @about the gate:
    Have it open by itself would be dangerous. Because it would always stay open whenever a friendly unit is nearby.
    This would make it easy for enemies to attack you.

    Furthermore, it would cost quite a bit of computing time to have it check since there is no simple way I can think of that would generate an event when a unit wants to pass.

    @about the project:
    I am not really going to work on this anymore. There is not that much feedback from the community so I dont see a point in developing it any further.
  15. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Hmm, that's such of waste of an idea...:(
    Though, I really wait for this one being completed...
  16. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Made some updates to the map.

    Dont keep your hopes up about this map ever being completed. It probably wont.
    Unless suddenly there is a huge crowd of people interested in this map.
  17. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Would you like to continue this map if suddenly happens there're a lot of people interested about this map...?:)
  18. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Well, yes. That is what I said.
  19. crystal.maiden_19

    crystal.maiden_19 Member

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    Then release the demo soon, and see what happen...
    If still no responses, then maybe you should stop working on that...:p
  20. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    The file in this thread is already a demo. That thing is fully playable and *should* not have any bugs. At least none of which I know.
    And I have already stopped working on the map. I am not working with the editor at all. But it aint hard for me to go back to it if people really show interest in this map.

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