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I'm making a hero, and for that hero it want him to attack with a missile style weapon (One where you see like a physical bullet, plasma ball)

The weapon is all working fine but... the model comes out as this strange grey sphere. I can't figure out where problem is.. possible incorrect linking perhaps... Also was trying to follow
Data Editor - a vital guide. if that helps.
A grey sphere seems like it is not finding your model. Cannot help much here but I think you are on the right track with the incorrect linking thought because the grey sphere notes a disconnect.
I was wondering if the fact that grey sphere is more of semi sphere i.e. half in the ground would that affect it?, I read that problem was something to do with attachment points but cannot find a complete answer on how to fix that.
I do not have SC2 installed right now, but does the missile have an actor attached to it, and does it have an event that says something like

If not, it should. You might want to take a look at another unit with a missile, take the marauder for instance :)
not quite sure what you mean... does this help?


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It looks like you haven't set the Token Fields for your Action Actor. There are three Token fields: Attack Effect, Impact Effect and Launch Effect. When creating a projectile weapon/ability, you only need to set the Impact Effect and the Launch Effect. You need to set the Impact Effect field to the effect that you want to happen when the unit gets hit (typically a damage effect). You then need to set the Launch Effect the your Launch Missile effect (i.e the effect that causes the missile to launch). Once you have done this, you should notice that the Event's property should be automatically filled out with the effects you have listed (in the screenshot you posted they had not been filled out). I'm not completely sure if this will solve your issue so post back if you are still having problems.
The thing is that the one that is is selected in that picture is the missile actor (actor) not the action actor (actor). Do they need to be added there too?
It sounds like you have chosen the wrong Actor Type for your missile actor then. It should be set to Missile.
No I haven't, Current actors
  • Plasma Shot (actor) type : missile parent : generic attack missile
tokens : unit name : plasma shot (unit), others : default
  • Plasma Shot (action) type : action parent : generic attack
tokens impact effect : plasma shot (damage), launch effect : plasma shot (launch) , others : default

tell me if there anything else you need to know to diagnose this problem and i will tell you.
All the Events that is shown in the image you attached are related to an Action type actor, not a Missile type actor so something is not quite right. If you open up another Missile type actor and compare the events you should be able to notice that the events are completely different.

If you have made that image you attached by cropping different images together, it could just be a case that you have cropped the wrong images together. In which case this has nothing to do with your issue.

I usually create most of my objects by duplicating a similar object. This avoids a lot of the little errors that can occur from forgetting to do something or not doing something in the correct order when trying to make something from scratch which I believe is probably the cause of this issue. You may want try remaking parts of the weapon (like the missile) to see if that fixes your problem.
Since you wrote in my tutorial that you were following it and got stuck on this part, I followed my tutorial from the start for the entire first section (until the weapon is finished) and I didn't run into any problems. I'll gladly try to help you figure out where you went wrong. In addition, I've also attached the test map I just made while following the tutorial, which you can use to compare your map with.

There are several possible reasons for your problem. As people have already mentioned, it is due to the missile visuals not being created correctly.

You should start by checking the following:
* Does the Plasma Shot (Actor) have an attached Art: Model?
* Does the Plasma Shot model have an attached Art: Model?


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Ha ha! It works, IT WORKS!

Two things I looked at both of the actors' events, action had an unknown effect, forgot to click suggest button for the id (OOPS!) and with the missile actor, I deleted all the events and remade them by copying, the events from the "sam" missile actor.

Still can't figure out why it was screwing it up but hey IT WORKS!

Thanks A LOT!

Thanks to everyone that helped you are awesome!
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