Open a published map?


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Hey ScII people,

It's a time ago that I played ScII, about 5 years ago
Now I just installed it again and have a question

How do I open a map that I published 5 years ago?
It's not on my computer anymore since I uninstalled the game in the past



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I assume you mean 5 months?

If you published it as open, you will be able to get it by searching for it on battlenet (in your editor). If you did it as a closed map, not even you will be able to open it :(


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Nice you still here X-maul!! x

no, I meant 5 YEARS I uninstalled SCII
now I installed it again and want to edit 'garden defense' I created then
I cannot find it anywhere on my computer, I even downloaded the map before entering the game 'lobby'

I remember I uploaded the map as 'locked'

Is there any way I can sign in and edit this map?


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You can't sign in and edit it I don't think, but you can get the map out of the cache and extract it.

Also I guess he is technically kind of right, since SCII came out in 2010... maybe four years, but the point is null as the only relevant aspect is you don't have the original files.
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