Gaming Pokémon GO Catches $3 Billion in Lifetime Gross Revenue

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    Niantic’s location-based smash hit mobile game Pokémon GO has surpassed $3 billion in lifetime gross revenue, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

    Since the title’s 2016 launch it has been downloaded approximately 541 million times worldwide, with an average revenue per download of nearly $5.60.

    2016 remains the top grossing year to date for Pokémon GO, when it generated $832.4 million despite only launching initially in select countries.

    It went on to gross $589.3 million in 2017, before picking up again in 2018 with $816.3 million in gross revenue. So far in 2019 Pokémon GO has grossed $774.3 million, putting it on track to surpass its 2016 record.

    This year’s sales have been spurred on by updates such as Pokémon GO’s introduction of Team Rocket. We previously estimated that the update had helped drive approximately $110 million in player spend in August 2019, while in September Pokémon GO generated $126 million in gross revenue. So far in October, user spending has hit an estimated $67.8 million.

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