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Pro Vojna - Pro War V1.3

I've been out of thehelper lately, and because of school. But that didn't stop me from making my private project, public. In any case, I will present my only so far, greatest map of them all. And knowing that most of you are jass-ers and how great are your maps via effects, spells and/or triigers, this map is poorly made.

I invested A LOT of time in it and not even trying to post it somewhere is a sin to me. So with my own risk I present it to you.

Critics are welcomed and I expect my map to PHAIL! I myself ain't a big shot programmer or map maker, but I have ideas and make them to the fullest of my capabilities. Please, for both our sakes, discard flaming and cussing as a method of comments. Instead give me friendly remarks and critics. Thank you


Two versions of the map now exist, an English and Macedonian. Look below

Macedonian Version ->View attachment PRO Vojna V1.3.w3x

English Version ->View attachment PRO WAR V1.3.w3x

PRO VOJNA Version 1.3

Game Style: Team Arena
Size: Small
Gameplay: Fast
Goal: Number of kills
Feature Tags: Heroes, bases, items, farming, creeping, team play, coop, slaughter, fun, fast

Main features:
* - Small arena where two teams of 5 vs 5 heroes combat each others for a set amount of kills
* - A unique maximum hero level of 4 and spell maximum level of 1
* - Farming gold to buy the good stuff
* - Team battle along with computer AI
* - Skinned icons from other games and balanced item bonuses, prices
* - No recipes, you buy what you can afford
* - Large number of heroes to pick from, each with its own unique 4 abilities (you read this in every map, haven't you :D)
* - Unique hero selection system (double-click system)
* - Hero specific leveling spell (meaning, each hero has 1 or 2 spells that cause more damage, more heal, more this, more that from attributes[Str, Agi, Int])
* - Complex bounty system, with sounds from dota (which are originally from unreal tournament, but nevermind that :D)
* - A medium level of AI to play with or against you
* - Bug free environment (no more crashes)
* - Its fun!

Cons to maybe be implemented:
* - damage system is old one, works with unit attacking something, not dealing damage
* - more game modes, CTF, point capture etc
* - recipes
* - more hero levels, spell levels
* - extending map size, thus making attack waves
* - me learning jass and tweaking my map :D
* - making custom models
* - skinning icons from games for each hero (will be in next version)
* - english version (very soon)
* - load/save game mechanics
* - custom terrain revamp
* - extend AI triggers and add commands
* - extend AI item purchase system

AI System:
* - bots pick random heroes
* - bots have fixed choose time when they do, to allow user first pick
* - bots tend to balance time spend between farming and teamwork
* - bots help each others and keep the party alive
* - bots buy items depending on their roles ( not just stack damage )
* - bots make stupid decisions, but not so often
* - bots use ALL of their abilities
* - bots sometimes surpass the user in kills, items
* - bots don't cheat, don't make extra gold or extra xp (even though they should)

pro screenshot1.jpg

pro screenshot2.jpg

pro screenshot3.jpg

pro screenshot4.jpg

pro screenshot5.jpg

As any map maker wants, its to hear comments about their own projects. We strive on our ego, and when a good map is rated, played and commented it makes us all jiggly inside. It also makes us run on infinite caffeine in order to fix what players hate if its valid enough and have energy to make more of it. So be fair and honest, and not lazy to type a few things. Thanks

Most of the resources used in making of this map are from me, but I have copied and/or used various systems from people here or on thehiveworkshop. If I missed someone, or used something from someone without permission, send me a message and we will work it out (probably). Check for ingame credits in Quests menu

Ending Thoughts:
Hopefully you will enjoy the map as I have enjoyed creating it. Visit my thread below for detailed information, hints and tips.

Talk Section ->


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Lol, the name is unknown to most people. So most wc3 players who test out maps will play :p


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Gavolski Bran [Mr.Satan] should be like faster cd. :( Also could you make an english version :) and Add recipe items :D


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Looks really awesome, but i don't think I'm gonna play it if it won't be in english. I don't like maps that are in languages i don't understand (and I'm not from England or USA) since it makes me feel a bit out - you don't understand what items, abilities or heroes do. Hope you'll make an english version! :thup:


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Gavolski Bran [Mr.Satan] should be like faster cd. :( Also could you make an english version :) and Add recipe items :D

It was on shorter cd. Then you would see Mr. Satan drop out of nowhere in 5th minute with already bought two green, two blue items when all the rest of the bots barely have 2. I kinda tweak abilities seeing how bots farm, fight and use them.

I'll think about recipes. I like the buy what you can afford mechanics. You can always sell stuff to buy others more powerful.

@TomTTT - coming soon :)


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Looks awesome, but same as above, I want it to be english.

and there is only 1 level for each spell? give them mooore:b


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Looks awesome, but same as above, I want it to be english.

and there is only 1 level for each spell? give them mooore:b

Working on it. I really am :)

Yeah there is one level for each spell. I like the miniature stat battle, meaning you'd have to try hard to reach 30 in any of the three stats, and by hard I mean farm to buy all epics entire game. So one level spells work fine with that

@Whoareyou - I totally know, once I opened a german rpg map...

For all who wait for english version, I'm editing a number of percent each day so you would know how far you'd have to wait until I translate and fix everything.

Btw, just to warn you - I do make lame phail jokes on each ability.


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Double posting (i know)

Just to trigger the "new post" inside member projects.

English version is done guys. Check above :)


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Feedback? I have a sick desperation in my life to need to hear if people like/dislike my map.
Testers, players, random people... write something? There's english version now because it was requested. Is my map so bad nobody wants to coment on it, or guys.. you just lazy?
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