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Resident Star Battle Expert.
For those of you who have played Azeroth wars and or that space game where you expand from planet to planet and clash in epic space battles. I plan to make a similar equivalent for SC2.

I present to you Tremors of War.

Within the last year, many things have changed for the inhabitants of the Delta Quadrant, the vast gulf of space that comprises the Icarus,Janus, Gilbrithar, Skagrrak,And Bosporus Sectors. The emergence of the terrifyingly strong Scylla Brood destabilised two years of supremacy for the Moirae Tribe beating them back into the Janus sector, allowing the Empire of Thunder to expand at an alarming rate much to the annoyance of the Moirae tribe. At the same time, activity in the Icarus Sector increased as the United Human Alliance was formed among the shifting tides of power, grabbed their opportunity with both hands and declared almost a large part of the Icarus Sector as their territory. Despite the boon in Terran activity, the Talos Tribe continued their rise to power, ultimately matching the Moirae Tribe in territorial influence, along with surpasing them in technological potency. Meanwhile, the tendrils of the Scylla Brood began to push outwards, their strength becoming apparent and their aggression almost unchecked. However, a far older threat lurked just outside the Quadrant's borders, awaiting its chance for revenge... that threat was Xivoog and its Charybdis Brood, grown strong again on years of hiding and growing. The Charbdis Brood swept in under the Glibrithar sector clashing with the Scylla brood in a heated battle for supremacy and survival
The United Human Alliance is a highly tactical, mobile force that put great emphasis on their technological assets. Such is their mastery that their armies are swifter and quicker than the usual configurations, and their reactors are far more efficient, resulting in their prized ability to quickly arrive at the scene,shread there oponnents with suppirior arilitery fire and out maneuver them quickly ending the battle with few casualties on there part.
Leader/s:United Colonies Assembly (NPC/s)

The Empire have learned much from their rise to power, chief amongst which is that minimising losses is an excellent way of winning a war. They have begun to employ stronger tougher units, going so far as to increase their forces' durability in order to become more effective in this role. Thus, their forces are far more resillient and slower-attacking, able to blast in, waste enemy forces before significant losses are sustained.
Leader:The Emperor. (NPC)

The Moirae Tribe have come to favour quick, decisive strikes, and have thus perfected their warrior's weapons systems beyond any other Tribe. The result is a force able to take on a much more larger amount of opponents and cut them down quickly and efficiently.
Leader:Council of 12 (NPC/s)

The Talos Tribe have become defensive as their arrival within the sector was far rockier than that of the Moirae Tribe. Thus, they have developed a faster method of creating there war machines along with creating more sophisticated weapons of war to minimize the loss of life.
Leader:Executor Galro'ssh. (NPC)

Blatant trickery on Xivoog's part saved him from total destruction, though it was forced to build the Charybdis Brood anew. Its perfection of using long sustanined bombardment followed by supperior breeching tactics have allowed the Charybdis brood to emerge once again as one of the dominant factions within the quadrant.
Leader:Cerebrate Xivoog. (NPC)

The Scylla Brood have not changed much from the powerful force that had swept the Gilbrithar sector long ago.Silenus still prefers to confuse the enemy first through disguise and subterfuge rather than through sheer brute force before moving into the kill.Another defining trait and fearsome traid of the Scylla brood is it's ability to quickly recover from attacks as units and buildings previously on the verge of death able to regenerate to full health in such a short time.
Leader:Great Elder Brain Silenus. (NPC)

Current Team:

  • BANANAMAN -Concept/Storyline.
  • Text RPG participants-Storyline

Game Overview:
You play as a force commander from one of the six factions (2 per faction) mentioned above.Each faction contains a unique line up of units which also features three non cannon units for each faction. Set in a totally different time line 950 years after the events in Broodwar.You start by commanding a large group of units stationed in a planet of your choosing in a ten minute period of peace where players may set up temporary alliances,Conduct trade,set up bases before being thrown into a series of campaigns of conquest after the ten minute timer expires.The Faction(team) that gains complete control over the Delta quadrant is the winner.However teams are not set in stone as Force commanders earn and or loose Medals (Terrans),Prestige (Protoss) or Influence (Zerg) depending upon there actions within there respective factions and there interactions with other factions. Killing too many friendlies? Not following orders? You stand to loose those points. Winning battles,etc can like wise earn you those points.Loose enough points and you can find yourself an exiled Independent commander commanding his/her own force unable to create more units but at the same time can purchase units of the other factions present through favors or resource exchange.Independent Commanders can become factions of there own by conquering there own planet thus granting them the ability to produce units.

Game Features:

  • Fully playable up to 12 players (maybe more).
  • Complete AI support for leavers and computer players.
  • 15 numerous campaigns (more in future updates).
  • 3 New Non cannon units for each faction.
  • Each faction features a robust storyline with different twists and turns as the conflict progresses
  • Several Alternate endings for each faction.
  • Character creation system where you can choose your force commander's abilities,appearance,attributes,etc
  • A system similar to Warcraft's Hero system will be incorporated for the Force Commanders
  • Standing,Determines how much favor you have within your particular faction. Too much and you can requisition for reinforcements from your faction's NPC often.Too little and you can be expelled from that faction.

How to help out:
Basically i have the general Idea fleshed out what i really need are terrainers,coders and all the other jazz needed to make a map.
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