Spell Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited

Thanks. :)

Version 1.0.3 is out. I rewrote the "retract" method for the spell, got rid of about 20 or so lines of crap, made it more efficient at the same time, and managed to improve the looks of the hook a little bit (probably unnoticeable to everyone else, but I can see it). Added another configurable global as well.

More comments/criticisms/whatever please.
I've seen a lot of these Meat Hook spells and never bothered to try one, but it's really cool. Good job kenny, great looking spell, and works very nicely + nice code.
-.- Come on man, just read through the top of the script or something, there are configurable functions for range, damage and speed.
you could add the unit as argument, so people can refer to their str, agi or int or even to an attached struct.

good job btw (well dont know about the code since i didnt look through it)
-.- Come on man, just read through the top of the script or something, there are configurable functions for range, damage and speed.


    private constant function MAXDIST takes integer lvl returns real
        return 800.00 + (400.00 * lvl)

    private constant function DAMAGE takes integer lvl returns real
        return 0.00 + (100.00 * lvl)
    private constant function SPEED takes integer lvl returns real
        return 1000.00 + (0.00  * lvl)

See? :p

You added them after I tell! :D sorry
You have a very valid point, I am just being lazy. But seeing as someone brought it up, I will fix it. Give me a sec.

Oh and thank you for the kind words quraji.


Alrighty, added the preloading for the headshot sound. It should be fine now.

That's version 1.0.4 people.
Bug bug bug! Random bug, hooks don't dissapear. It just stayed there.

(Attached replay and map).
(You might have to do some renaming!)
(It's the ending part, at about 50 seconds, where I go "WTF?" "LOLZ"?)

Other than that, there are some 'building collision' stuff XD And the transparency and coloring :O :|
Hahaha umm... I am on 1.21, haha. And I unfortunately can't update my warcraft for some gay reason.

What would be awesome is if you can get a screen shot of the bug occuring. Or give me a detailed description of what happened when you found the bug.

Things I would like to know:

- Did you change any of the configurable options? If so, which ones?
- Where did you cast it (and where was the hero when casting)?
- Did you make it bounce off anything?
- What exactly do you mean by "hooks don't disappear"? Did the hook extend to its maximum and then pause? Did it pause straight away? Did it extend, the retract and pause nearing the end?

If you could answer any of them it would be a great help (all of them answered would be freaking mad).
It remind me something, on the last version, when you grab someone with hook the blood effect doesn't show. Maybe it's me, I had changed some constants.
God. You suck with 1.21.

Ok, I believe i modified speed and range, and I spammed multiple versions. (No screenshot for now, my internet is capped :()

The hook head and some chain parts didn't dissapear, they changed facing when I moved Pudge around but thats about it. They just stayed there.

It stayed near the end of the retract.
I know I know, it sucks having the earlier versions.

Anywho thanks for the information, I will do some stress testing later and see what I can find. (I think it has to do with removing the links at inappropriate times.)
Alrighty then. I'm pretty sure I fixed the bug BlackRose found. Was a bit of an oversight on my part. Everything seems to be fine now. I will release the latest version after some more stress testing and comments from people helping me test it out.

Oh and... Bump.
Hahaha whoa! That was a weird video. I have tested the hooked hundreds of times and in hundreds of ways and could never get it to do that, what am I doing wrong? :p
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