US News Punta Ventana, one of Puerto Rico's natural wonders, has been destroyed by an earthquake

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    (CNN) — A famous tourist landmark and one of Puerto Rico's most cherished natural wonders collapsed on Monday after an earthquake shook the island, Nelson Torres Yordan, the mayor of Guaynilla, confirmed.

    Punta Ventana, which translates to "Window Point," was a stone arch shaped like a round window located in Guayanilla along the southern coast. The rock formation was one of the island's most iconic treasures and major tourist attractions.

    A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the island on Monday, wiping out the natural structure.

    The UPRM Meteorological Laboratory shared a photo on Twitter of Punta Ventana before and after the earthquake, showing where the soaring arch once stood before its tragic collapse.

    Read more here. (CNN)

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