Sci/Tech Reddit Moderators Shut Down Parts of Site Over Employee’s Dismissal

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    Hundreds of sections of Reddit, the popular online message board, were still down early Friday in what appeared to be a protest by many of the site’s moderators after the abrupt dismissal of a high-ranking company employee.

    The move affected nearly 300 individual discussion areas — so-called subreddits that focus on individual topics like technology, art and business. Subreddits are generally moderated by self-appointed members of the community, not official Reddit employees. The shutdowns, which began on Thursday evening, appeared to be expanding rapidly on Friday.

    They began shortly after Victoria Taylor, Reddit’s director of talent, was dismissed on Thursday afternoon.

    The company has not given a reason for Ms. Taylor’s dismissal. But it came a day after she moderated a question-and-answer session on Reddit with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, in which a discussion of racial issues grew clamorous.

    A Reddit spokeswoman declined to comment. Ms. Taylor did not respond to multiple email and telephone requests for comment.

    Read more here. (New York Times)

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