Gaming Reverse engineering the unreleased GameBoy Printer COLOR

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    For a long time, when I checked out the graphics for the 64DD title Mario Artist Paint Studio, the successor to Mario Paint, I found a bunch of graphics and text that seemed to be for printing images. I was not entirely sure how that worked, how to even access it. I didn’t know enough reverse enginnering “techniques” to even bother while I was translating all the Mario Artist titles.

    Fast forward to this month, and with new tools that I wrote, I started to think again about this feature, because it seemed like a full fledged working overlay code. So I went on, and tried to find the other overlays, such as Game Boy Camera menu, and see how the game loaded the overlay and access it.

    After finding the LBAs for those overlays, I tried to backtrack the process of loading until I find what is seemingly a bunch of functions to load, init and access the overlay. Bingo! One of them accesses the unused printer overlay. So all I need is to force a way to access it, such as repointing a button’s purpose.

    Read more here. (LuigiBlood's Blog)

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