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Shoots a bunch of fireballs near a targeted enemy unit.
Once there's enough of them, they home in for the kill.

Probably needs a better description.
Definitely needs a better tooltip.

Other than that, it works, is fully multi-unit, multi-here-and-there-and-then-some.

Features the amazing Furbolg Hero! A must in any map.

Requires NewGen.

The Heroes are set to invulnerable so the Creeps stay where they are...



  • ScatterShot_Demo_AceHart.w3x
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lol nice one ace you already did it before everyone :p
even though you could use more look alike energy ball i guess :p
also i think the spread action of the balls was a lot faster than yours and also your furbolg is frozen and he should move but apart for that it's great :p
Aww, I was going to submit my version, too bad yours was coded better :eek:
neat, I like your method here
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