Report Scottish scientists link genes to depression

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    HUNDREDS of genes have been newly linked to depression in an international study led by Scottish scientists, shedding light on its origins and highlighting at-risk personality types.

    The largest study of its type involved more than two million people and could help develop treatments for depression, which affects a fifth of people in the UK and is the leading worldwide cause of disability.

    Scientists led by the University of Edinburgh studied information from three large datasets of anonymised health and DNA records and pinpointed 269 genes that were linked to depression.

    They used an innovative statistical method to identify sections of DNA that were common in people with depression and in those who adopted lifestyle behaviours such as smoking. Their findings suggest that depression could be a driving factor leading some people to smoke, but more research is needed to explain why, the team says.

    Results also show that neuroticism – a tendency to be worried or fearful – could lead people to become depressed, which could shed light on personality factors that put people at risk.

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