[SOLVED] Units with "Kill Resource"/Bounty - Not Working

Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by Ice Bane, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Some had problems with units giving bounty and after a lill' research I found that following fields on a unit must be checked if it will give any Bounty.

    1. Obviously, "Kill Resource (0|0|0|0)"

    2. Which enables a unit to give "Kill Resource" when killed; "Flags - Kill Credit"

    Also I tried to find who to toggle on/off so that a unit (doesn't) give bounty or not by triggers, but I haven't found a way. Please report in if you have!

    Hope it'll help some of you!

    Best Regards, Ice_bane @ B.net EU
  2. Ice Bane

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    Just saw I miss-posted this in the wrong cathegory, please move it! :)
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    Well there is a way to toggle off the bounty, you have to give the unit a behavior that disables the Flag "Kill Credit"(or it might be possible to get a behavior to change the bounty itself, both of these are untested, but I know you can disable flags with behaviors) to get the behavior on the unit you can either trigger it on an event or have a unit place the behavior on attack.

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